Cape Towm to Vic Falls

Thinking of doing this trip either 11th Sept Oct 2nd or Nov 13th.

What is the difference in the weather for these dates

I have heard that there is not as much water at the falls in Sept does this also apply to the other dates?

Also any advice on which way to do the trip n to S or S to N

I think the weather will be much the same on any of those dates. Falls could be low but are still spectacular. Some of our group crossed into Zimbabwe and said the Falls view from that side was better. Cape to Falls is definitely the best way to do it. What a finale! Wish I was coming again (did the trip late 2006). Enjoy.


I did this trip a few years ago and did Vic Falls - Cape Town, which is great f you want a few days rest at the end of a busy trip - It was FAB!

I was in Vic Falls in Sept and the water was low - think peak season is march/ april, but still amazing, wish i had gone to Zimbabwe to see the better side, one of girls from my trip did and said it was amazing. For best view do a microlight flight over them - amazing, and go white water rafting too, best day!


I did a Cape to Vic in October 2008 and it was fantastic.  Really good choice of trip to do.

I've been to the Zambian side of the Victoria Falls twice, once in May and the other time in October.  When i saw them in May they were very very spectacular.  When i saw them again in October they were a little disappointing in comparison.

But the route is amazing and i can't recommend it enough.


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