Cape Town to Victoria Falls April 2011

Hi I've just booked this wonderful trip and so excited!!!  Just wanted to see who else was also booked to go !!!!  If you are booked on thi strip, please get in touch.

Can't wait!  Helen 



TRIP not strip I mean!!

Hi Helen, I'm booked on this trip as well and it can't come soon enough! I recently went to Kenya & Tanzania with Exodus and have got the bug for Africa at the moment! Laura


Hi Laura, thanks for your reply! Good to know that I'm not on my own. You have got the travel bug, good for you! This is my first venture with Exodus and to Africa - its my BIG birthday treat to myself!

Hi Helen, sounds like a great big birthday treat to have. Will it be your birthday when we're away? Laura


Hi Laura

My birthday is in March so no not my birthday when we are way!!! Its just my excuse for spoiling myself!!!

Speak soon


Hi Helen & Laura - I've just booked this trip and can't wait for April to come around. Such a great mix of activities and sights awaiting us, I'm not even sure what I'm looking forward to the most! There were 10 people booked on the trip when I confirmed on Monday, so we'll have plenty of company.


Hi Spencer!  Thanks for the message.  Now we know that there are at least 3 of us, with 7 more to come forward to say Hi!! Yes, I'm getting excited and starting to plan what to take etc.  We will have a fab time!

I'm looking forward to the Okavango Delta the most I think.  Its going to be awesome.

How are you doing Laura? 




Hi Helen & Spencer, am hoping the next 12 weeks will fly by! I wondered how many would be booked on the trip so thanks for the update with that Spencer. I don't think I can decide what am looking forward to most, possibly spending time in Namibia (although ask me again tomorrow and am sure I'll say something different!). 


Hi all. Looks like I'm the oldie so far. I, too, am really looking forward to this trip. It's snowing and -20C  here... not only will I appreciate all the new sights and experiences, I'll really like the warmth. I'm looking forward to meeting fellow travellers.


Just been looking a friend's photo album and her diary that she wrote whilst away on a similar trip.  We are going to have such a FAB time!!!!  Sooooo excited!!! H


Not long to go now before we are off on our fantastic trip, look forward to meeting you all.  Have starting to think about my packing......See you in the Departure lounge at Heathrow!!!


It's definately coming round quickly now! I'm heading out to Cape Town a couple of days before the trip starts so I'll see you all at the lodge on the Sunday!

I'm going to Cape Town for a week preceding our tour. I've heard so much about it, I decided it deserved more time than what the tour gives it. I'll be staying at the lodge where we assemble for the tour.

I got my Zambian visa last week, so preparations well under way!  It's a good plan spending some time in Cape Town beforehand, everyone I speak to say it's an amazing place. If I could have got more time off work I'd have done something similar.

I've got my Zambia visa & malaria tablets sorted as well and am just debating now whether my rucksack has had its day or whether there is another trip left in it! I've got an extra day at Victoria Falls at the end as well, just trying to stretch out the trip as long as possible really.


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