Carpathian Culture & Wildlife, Romania

I've just booked on this trip and having read the trip notes and reviews I am looking forward to it very much. Exodus told me that I am the sixth person to book. This will be my third trip with Exodus. The trips I did to Cuba and India were very good.

Hi PaulJ

I am really interested in this trip too and i am thinking of booking the date you are going or the 17th. Are you travelling solo? if not, have there been many solo travellers on previous trips? Its just i will be travelling solo for the first time on this one ! x


Hi Hayley.

Yes, I am travelling solo. I've done several trips like this before, mostly with one of the Exodus rival companies, and there has nearly always been a 50/50 mix of solo travellers and couples/people travelling together. It is also quite usual to get a wide spread of ages which I always think is a plus. Most of the trips I have done before have not been centre based and generally have some free time when you can go off and wander on your own, but generally everyone usually stick together in a group. This one being centre based and with most meals provided, will mean the group will spend much of the time together, but there looks to be plenty of activity to keep us busy.

Regards, Paul

Booked, see you there x :-)


Hey guys,

 I have booked this trip too for the 3rd Sept Departure. I am so looking forward to it! Hayley you'll be fine, I took my first solo trip over 6 years ago to East Africa and never regretted it!  Then I went to Swedish Lapland around 5 years ago and had a blast. Like Paul says its usually a mixture of different people, there's always someone to get on with!

Paul you sound like a seasoned traveller, looks like some amazing places you've visited.

See you both at the airport I guess :-)


My nerves have been taken over by excitment, september cannot come soon enough! Glad to hear your on the trip Sally looks like its going to be loads off FUN. See you there x :-D

Hi all.  I have recently booked onto this departure.  This will be my 3rd trip with Exodus - doing the Slovakian Tatras trip in July and did the Great Wall trip in 2009.  Glad to see there are other solo travellers booked.  I am sure it will be a blast!  Look forward to meeting you.


Hi Sally & Kerri, welcome. Looks like we've got a good sellection of destinations behind us. Lapland sounds good, the furthest north I've ever been is Helsinki, and I will be interested to hear all about the Tatras. I'm really looking forward to our trip.



Hi everyone,


Was just wondering what currency to take with me, as the trip notes advise Euros or US Dollars but the travel agent suggested Romanian Lei... I phoned Exodus, unfortunately the lady at the end of the phone was not familiar with this trip but recommended that should I be able to get Romanian Lei here, I could take a small amount and then use ATMs whilst in the country, or take Euros. The Post Office website sells Romanian Lei but in their information it says it is illegal to import and export the currency.  I'm Confused! Any guidence will be well received :0)

Thanks,  Sally


Hi Sally,

The official line that I got from my bank is that they don't stck Romaniam Leu as it can't be exported from Romania. However, M&S quote for it (4.387 to the £) but thet didn't have any in stock. General recomendation is to take Euro's, although banks in Romania will also exchange £'s. I will probably take mostly Euro's and try to find a few Romanian Leu before we go.

Regards, Paul.


Hi Paul,

Thanks for your help! I think I will probably take euros also. I know Thomas Cook can order Romanian Leu, so maybe I will take a few of them as well.

Its getting close now, really looking forward to it :-)

Cheers,  Sally


Hello All,

I am working in Romania and have been for the last 4 years. I use the ATM's as there are plenty around and they are open all the time. It's worth checking with your bank what charges they make for overseas cash withdrawal. I find there's little difference in the exchange rates.

I hope you enjoy the country. I think it and the people are wonderful.



Hi Everyone, I am taking some Euros and loading my pre paid credit card as there are plenty of ATMs dotted about. Really looking forward to it just need to decided on what to pack now! See you all there i'm sure it will be amazing :-D x



Hey Hayley,

 How quick has it come round!! Very excited :-) I've ended up getting a few Romanian Lei and also taking a pre-loaded card. I alos need to decide what to pack he he. See you in 12 days :)) Xx


Only 11 days now, or more importantly, only 7 working days! I'm really looking forward to the trip. Packing? I won't worry about that until next week lol

See you all soon, Paul.

Hi all - another solo traveller here. Something of an Exodus regular, this will be my ninth trip with them! Looking forward to meeting you all.


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