CFA - Finland For Christmas Anyone?

Hi All

Just wondering if there is anyone else braving going from cold December UK weather to colder December Finish weather.  Would be nice to make contact maybe meet up at the departure lounge as I'm travelling alone.

 If not then see you there.



Hi Andy,

me and my two sons aged 12 and 13 are braving the cold too! travelling down from Newcastle the day before and staying overnight. It would be good to have a friendly face to meet with I agree.


Sam x

Hi Andy & Sam,

Myself and my friend Graham will also be joining you on the trip! We're both from North London so not too far for us to travel to the airport. Really looking forward to all the activities, as well as chilling out with a few drinks back at the lodge ( or in an igloo! )

It'll be good to meet.... it's always fun playing spot the fellow travellers at the airport ( I'm betting that Sam will be easy to identify! ) 



hi mark and Andy,

just read my trip code after I posted the last message, and im on a different finnish winter adventure, family based, so dont worry even though we will be staying at the same place, you will not be lumbered daily with 2 surly teenage boys and their wrung spun mother on your nice relaxing "adult only week"

just perhaps in the bar after!

Sam x

Don't worry Sam, I thought you might have a different itinerary. We're only going along for the bar anyway, so we'll probably end up partaking of the same winter activities!!



Hi all,

I'm also braving the cold Finnish winter and travelling by myself.  I'll be easy to find in the departure lounge as I'll be sat at the bar, start the trip as you mean to go on after all!


Hello All

 Well thats a good start from me, start a forum thread off then don't reply to anyone! Such an air head at times!  Oh well never mind.  Nice to meet you all, well sort of.  Would be awesome to all meet up before the flight, yes you and your boys too Sam after all we're all going the same place.  Besides can't go the Artic without a mass snowball fight!  I'm also from London Mark so not far for me niether, how about you Chris how far you got to go?

Anyway gonna dash, I'll keep a more regular eye on this forum.  I'm sure we can sort meeting etc.

 See you guys soon



Hello all,

I'm coming on the Finnish adventure too. Haven't really done any winter sports before so really looking forward to having a go at different things and experiencing somewhere completely different. See you all at the airport!



Hello All.

Myself and Mrs Jim will be joining you all for the festivities, we have skied a bit haven't been husky bothering as yet, very much looking forward to it.

See you all soon

Jimbo and Bod.


Welcome aboard.  Can't wait to go now, two weeks, does anyone think we will be able to spot each other, psuedo Eskimo's sweating in departures!  As for winter activity experience Julie, I've sort of skied/slid/rolled around in the snow before does that count?  Had fun on the ski lift though! Will be an amazing experience all round I think.  I'm after ice wall climbing, any other takers?

 See you soon



Hi Andy and everyone else,

I'm actually going to be moving down to London on the 22nd December as I start a new job in the New Year, so I'll be having a busy week up until I get to the airport.  Once there I plan on relaxing at a bar until the flight!

As for the ice wall climbing, you can count me in, never one to turn down a challange and I've been doing a bit of indoor climbing this year so I quite fancy taking on the ice!  I've skiied a few times before but not for a couple of years so I'm looking forward to a bit more of that and generally all the activities that we will be doing - especially those well earned post activity beers!

Less than 2 weeks and we will be there!


Hello Chris

Cool, no pun intended, thats two for ice wall climbing, just need another two and we are off!  I'm sure we will get a full house.  Yes in deed, work hard during the day and then proper chill after, bring it on it'll be great!  Don't fancy your leading up week though, you'll be up for the rest after that lot!

See ya at Gatwick



Hey all, 

My partner Paul and I are also coming along and looking forward to meeting you all. Like Julie, we haven't really done any winter sports before (and now's the time for us to confess that we're Australian) and we're looking forward to a proper white Christmas.

See you soon



One more for the ice climbing. me.



Hi all,! Booked late last week and greatly looking forward to this. Myself and partner (Ally) are making our own way there (from Denmark...but I'm a Geordie and she's US/French!) so will likely have the bar stools taken before you guys arrive ;-)

Never skied in ages so this will be interesting. We'll likely have a go at the ice wall also. Looks like we'll have a good crowd so we are looking forward to meeting up with you all on site.


Looks like we will have a great crew for a right proper laugh!  Seeing as you two will be there first Dave check to see if they have any cider for me will ya! Cheers buddy




Cider in Finland? You may be asking too much of Santa but it's all yours mate if there is any!



Look forward to meeting you all


See you at the airport


Hi Sara,

Welcome. See you in Finland.

Hey Dave cheers mate, there might be specila Finlandian cider!  You'll be jealous! Lol.

Welcome aboard Sarah, pleased to meet you, sort of! See you in departures with the rest of the crowd.



Well I'm obviously a lot less organised than you lot as I have only just found this site with a day and half before departure!  We are a family of 5 (gulp, I hear you say) with boys of 14 and 11 and a very ungirly daughter of 9. We've skied a lot but the rest is new to us and I am wondering what to pack!

who else is out there...?


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