Charging Camera Batteries

Anyone got any great ideas on how not to run out of camera battery on the Inca trail? I can't find a solar charger to fit so was thinking about buying a spare internal battery, or take 2 cameras??!!

Thought I would ask you guys first though.

All suggestions gratefully received 

Thanks Sarah 

Hi Sarah,

I've just returned from the Inca Trail, and there are no charging facilities anywhere, so if you can't find a solar charger then I would definitely recommend taking spare batteries rather than two cameras as they will weigh less. If you use AA batteries, you can buy these on the trail - there are ladies selling them on the second day as you ascend to Dead Woman's Pass.

Battery life varies enormously depending on the make and type of battery - I would recommend testing your a full battery in your camera before you travel by taking photos and also reviewing your shots (which eats up more battery) until it runs out, then stock up on an appropriate number of batteries to last you for 5 days, bearing in mind you will probably use your camera a lot in Machu Picchu. I have a Canon 550d, and two fully charged batteries lasted for my whole 7 day trek, but others in the group got through 3 or 4 battery changes in the same amount of time.

If at all possible, buy an official manufacturer's replacement rather than being tempted to buy cheap copies online, as they may drain much more quickly than the original battery.

Hope this helps, and hope you have a great trip!


Having the best cameras for photography on hand should have an extra battery on the bag. I dont really rely on solar power.

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