Checking in!

Need to check departure date as listed here as 23rd - hope it is the 22nd. Look forward to meeting up with trek group. Sue and I live outside Birmingham - Coleshill and Water Orton - and are trying to prepare but not yet as fit as ought to be- planning some testing walks. Looking through other sites realise importance of preparation, so trying out Gurkha restaurant in Nuneaton! Really excited about trek hoping it will wet appetite for more. Greetings!


Hi to you both. I think we are booked onto the same trip depatring heathrow on the evening of the 22nd October? Rob and I are trying to get in as many walks as weather and time allows and are also upping the effort in the gym to be be as prepared as we can be. We are really looking forward to the trip and can't wait to meet everyone. I have always wanted to go to Nepal and can't believe how quickly it has come around! I just wondered what people are doing in terms of jabs? Themore research I do the more confused I get about what we do and don't need?


Hi Marnie,

We have been told to be upto date with all the usual booster, but also menigitis has been mentioned, cholera, Rabbis and Japaneese encepilitis. The last two we will have to pay for. I am not sure about Jap Enc because from memory you need pigs, mosquitoes and monsoon for it to be a problem. As for Rabbis I the advise is to have it if we are going to be more than 24 hours from medical care so again I am not sure. I didn't think Mararia was a problem in the Annapurna region and that the Malaria risk areas were further south? 



I am away now for four days but will check it all out with Exodus and other sources next week.



Back again!

I have downloaded quite a lot of information which is conflicting and also had some confusing advise from GP. Exodus today say it is simple - Typhoid, Hepatitus A and boosters for tetanus and polio - that's what I am going with. Idid ask about Japanese Encephilitus and was told 'no'. Hope that's helpful.


Thanks Jeff, good to know. Can I ask roughtly how mnay miles a day you were walking for? What time of year did you go and what was the weather like?

Jeff Wilkes

I was there in March. We had blazing sun, cloud, wind, rain, thunderstorms and snow. Difficult to be specific on miles, we usually worked on hours on trail. Anything from 4 to 9 hours between teahouses. There were lunch breaks on the longer days plus a few stops for rest, drinks and photographs. The shorter days were usually a morning walk then lunch and rest followed by a shorter afternoon walk. This was to condition us to the altitude by taking us higher then coming back down to sleep. Walk high sleep low is the idea. There are some tough sessions as you would expect but, again, it is not a race. We aimed to stay together as a group but on some days we became spread out. We had four guides so nobody was left without help. Just focus on getting back to Kathmandu and a farewell dinner at Rum Doodle, highly recommended. Good luck.


Hi Jeff. Thanks for the information- very helpful. Our trip is approaching rapidly and it is useful to hear from someone who has done it. Feeling very excited and doing best to get fit without over doing it. Linked up with the Crossed Kukris Restaurant in Nuneaton run by Mr Om and Nepalese family/staff - enjoying Gurhka beer and Nepalese food that has similarities with with but is  distinctive from Indian. It's good to have some local expertise (I see from googling that there are several Nepalese restaurants in the U.K.). Hope you are doing more exciting trips. Regards Marnie

Jeff Wilkes

Hi Marnie, glad to help with general info. Each trip is different and will not spoil yours by going into too many minute details about what we did. The trip did give me a taste for heights so climbed Kili after this one but decided that was as high as I would go. gradually working my way through the Exodus brochure.

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