China - how bad is the spitting problem


I've been thinking about China for quite a while now but the above mentioned issue continues to put me off.  Would anyone who has actually been there mind advising on the subject, is it just in the street, might you see it while eating in a restaurant etc.

Many thanks!


Hi Anne

I've been to China quite a few times as my daughter lives there. Spitting is generally accepted, but in cities it is seen less than in more rural areas.  You  get used to it as one of the things that is acceptable there. In restaurants it is the norm for bones , gristle etc, to be removed and left at the side of your dish  (not a problem with vegetarian dishes....) but this isn't spitting as you mean it. Go there! Enjoy! The people are welcoming, the food is lovely (you'll probably never quite enjoy a takeaway the same again though, as it doesn't compare!). Hope this helps



Hi Gill

Thanks for your answer!  So does that mean that there is always someone within your eye view doing it?


Anne, the more squeamish than most!

 Hi Anne

Spitting in the streets isn't that bad. In restaurants you will hardly notice as you'll be enjoying your food too much!



Gill, many thanks for your advise! Anne

What spitting?
In China you will be assailed by so many sights and sounds, you will not be worried by spitting.
If you are, maybe you should go somewhere else, as you may see other things more upsetting. Do not go into a food market, for instance, if you are squeamish. Turn away when a protestor in the centre of town gets arrested and bundled away. Do not let your mind dwell on the obvious poverty, which is there to be seen alongside the grotesque signs of wealth.
Actually, do go, there is much to enjoy and the less enjoyable side is there, whether you go and see it or not.
As for restaurant etiquette, forget it. There are, as the Chinese say, no table manners there.

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