Chopsticks and Coconuts

Just wondered who might be on this?  We are a family of 4 from Leeds. Very excited!!


boy 15 & girl 12


We have two boys -10 and 8.  

We leave Heathrow on 9th April too.  

Haven't been on family adventure before so we are all looking forward to our holiday.  This was a last minute change from Jordan & Egypt holiday but I don't think we will be disappointed!.



we did one like this to china last year for first time, it was great, need to travel light though,as lots of travelling. we managed to wash clothes partway through at one of longer stopovers. were also going to eygpt but swapped to this one recently instead. looking forward to meeting you



We are on this as well. Family of 4 as well, from Bolton, flying from Heathrow as well on 9th. Think we'll stay overnight near airport if any reasonable hotels. Have boy 13 and girl 14. Think this holiday will be here before we're quite ready! Seemed ages ago when we booked! Never done organised trip before so looking forward to not having to plan...


We are driving down on Friday lunchtime and staying at the Sheraton Hotel about a mile from the terminal.  Leaving the car there too while we are away.

We are aiming to travel as light as possible too.  Its a challenge!!


Pretty sure we're at the same hotel! It was the cheapest. We're leaving our car at the airport though. We did look at getting the train down but it was looking a bit too complicated. Not looking forward to driving back though. Getting daughter to travel light will be interesting, she packed about 20 tops last time we went away for the weekend!


we are also styaing over at sheraton as nearest & cheapest with parking, but probably wont arrive til late. looking forward to meeting up with you all,there must be 2 other families i think as tour operator advised 20 on this tour when we booked(max group size)



We are travelling down on Friday afternoon just to avoid the Friday night rush if at all possible.  The boys have finished school now so have a week off before we go.  

We are all very excited and trying very hard to travel light so we don't have to lug tons of luggage around - quite impressed so far! I'm thinking we are quite lucky as our boys couldn't give a monkeys what they wear.  They are also similar in size so could get away with borrowing each others.

Yes, I think there must be 2 other families as we took the last 4 places.

See you soon!! 

Suzanne x


Our kids finish on Thurs so we'll be driving down Fri afternoon as well. We should be easy to spot as we'll have the kids with the red hair! Husband organised and packed but ours not quite so planned. Getting very excited now but feel I need a last minute shop!

See you in London somewhere


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