Christmas in Kerala anybody?

Hopefully somebody else is coming along.


Hi Rob, yes we are planning to go as well. We still need to sort out the visas don't we ? Did you get yours ?


Hi Irina,

Got my visa just over a week ago.  It was surprising quick via the post.  Main problems were answering all the silly questions and getting pictures of the right size.  After that I paid online and it took 5 days from sending it off to getting my passport back.

The departure date is now changed but I posted this before they cancelled the first trip.  So now we get christmas and new year away :-)

I have been told that there are at least 9 people on the trip.



Hi Guys,


I'm on the Christmas trip, departing on 22nd December.  Are you all having hte rabies jabs?  I can't decide as it's quite pricey, but equally, I don't want to die!  

Hi Cath,

They cancelled the one I was on leaving on the 16th, so now I suppose this thread covers the 20th departure instead.  But you mentioned the 22nd.  Typo?

Welcome to the group.

I have never had rabies jabs and have been travelling all over for years.  They are not normally recommended, but check with the fitfortravel web site and your GP.  I will probably forgo anti-malaria tablets too, but I am checking with GP next week for the latest advice (which they often read off the fitfortravel web site!).  You shouldn't need anything different from you recent Thailand trip.

Just avoid the local dogs and cats.  We are not going anywhere really remote for any length of time.

But try not to die on the trip as is spoils it for everybody else ;-)


Sorry didn't realise we had a few of South India trips ! I paid for the one which starts on 22 Dec which is indeed xmas in Kerala - hence confusion. But I am sure we will all be staying at the same hotels and will all meet at some stage, as it always happens with exodus groups.



Hello, yes, I'm coming.  Very excited.

Has anyone been to India before? If so, what's the best thing do about currency?  Do we just change some at the airport on arrival?

Looking forward to meeting you all!

Irina:  There are always lots of Exodus trips.  Have fun on yours.  By the way the nurse at my GPs said that they do not normally recommend rabies shots for short trips, so don't worry about it too much.

 Hi Laura,

Nice to have you along.  I have been to northern India  Also trying to decide about money, as I cannot remember what I did last time, but I did use an ATM at some point.  Exodus normally send out an email from somebody that has done the trip and can answer questions.  I might take along enough to get me going and use an ATM later, but I will check with Exodus for advice.   I also work with a bunch of Indians so one might know the area we are going to.

Are you on the group flight?


Hi though i would check out the posts on earlier trip before posting for 22 Dec - so looks like we are all on the same trip.  Etickets arrived yesterday - so getting close! Time to start making lists etc. I was not advised by travel nurse to have rabies shots - but then in iffy places i never touch dogs/cats etc. Have done the Northern india trip and changed money at the airport and hotels.  Getting excited 


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