Chulu Far East leaving Sept 30th


I'm all paid up so now the nerves are kicking in. Will an old timer like me manage it ?

I'm just off to de-worm my walking axe.



Hi Danny

 I'm certain you're not the oldest old-timer on this trip !

 I think there's only 4 of us going, so we're quite a select group.  Hope we all make it.


Hi Alan,

Nice to hear from you ! I couldn't believe it when Exodus asked me to move the dates of my trip (I'd originally wanted to go on the 21st Oct departure) due to lack of demand - I mean, where else are you going to get the chance to do most of the Annapurna Circuit and also get the chance to climb a 6000m trekking peak in one trip ? I was a bit concerned about the earlier departure but apparantly the monsoon hasn't really happened properly (again) this year hence the power cuts in India so I'm just hoping it doesn't arrive late for our sakes. Valerie went up in March and said there was heaps of snow so hopefully there should at least be water for us. 


hi chaps, i read your off to do the chulu far east trip. reading the brochure it mentions the opportunity to tackle the full summit at 6584m. yet on there web site this isnt mentioned. what have you two chaps been told? and id be interested on hearing how the trip goes? before i book it. as for myself ive done tnb and tne ,both v pleasing


Hi Mark,

Yes the original itinerary included a possible option to also climb Chulu East the day after Chulu Far East, I think they must have realised this wasn't realistic so they dropped that. It probably was too ambitious. Still hopeful it will be a great trip! I have climbed Mera Peak and various others so should be able to compare this trip with those for you when we get back.


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