classic kenya safari 6th-12th October

Anyone else going on the classic Kenya safari from the 5th - 12th October?

Will anyone else be going solo?

Looking very forward to it but little worried after what has happened over the weekend in Naoribi. q 


My boyfriend and I are going and have to admit to being just a tad nervous with recent events. I havent heard anything from Exodus regarding this but I have sent an email asking their opinion.


Yeah I am aswell, hopefully everything will have completley calmed down by then. I looked on google maps and see that we are 3 hour drive away from the center of Naoirobi. 


Yes, I'm on this trip too, and my feelings are that whilst the events in Nairobi are shocking, and are obviously horriffic for those involved and their families, I think realistically it's more than likely that it will not affect the trip much if at all. If anything, I suspect there will be a lot more (and more obvious) security in Kenya now, especially around areas frequented by tourists as tourism is such a big part of Kenya's economy, so ironically it might even be safer for us now than it was before the attack. As far as I know the Government has not issued any advice to tourists to stay away either.

Having said that I have also emailed Exodus to get their view because they are obviously better placed than us in the UK to assess the situation, but I am certainly hoping they will come back and say it's business as usual!

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