classic kenya safari vs classic kenya safari and zanzibar!!


Looking to go away with exodus and really excited by the above trips! Cant decide which to go for! Is Zanzibar part worth paying extra for? Bit concerned as know there is no leader in Zanzibar part of trip.  Would be travelling solo and never done exodus trip before- do the group stay together for this part? Dont fancy eating alone etc!! Is it better to book a solos departure? (there is not one for safari AND zanzibar tour but there is one for the shorter classic safari)

Thanks in advance for any info/advice!


Hi Elizabeth

 I did the kenya tanzania adventure last year - The Zanzibar stay is well worth it.  Stone Town is amazing and the beaches to the north are just plain fantastic,  On our trip which was participatory camping the chance to relax was very welcome.  If the dolphin excursion is offered it is well worth it.

I was travelled solo and it was no problem we had a great group who stuck together throughout.

 I'm looking at classic kenya in 2011 - looks like a great trip.

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