Classic Peru

Hi there, is anyone out there going on this trip? Looking forward to the experience of Peru.

Sandra Barrett

Sandra Barrett

Hi looking forward to this trip but have never been to Peru before. We want to travel light - well as light as we possibly can. Am I right in assuming we can walk in shorts in the daytime but obviously trousers for evenings. We have trekked in Nepal but the two countries are so different, how much hotter and sticky is Peru going to be. We have down jackets so will take these for evenings and lightweight waterproofs. Also will take thermals for higher areas incase they are needed maybe sleep in them? Can't wait for this trip.

Looking forward to some advise Many thanks in anticipation Sandra

Yes you are pretty much right, I was in Peru in 2007 and have been to Nepal as well. These days my standard trekking attire is convertible trousers, long sleeved technical shirt that can be rolled up if hot, sun hat, lightweight windstopper top if cold wind but too warm for fleece, micro fleece, warm hat, gloves and waterproofs. That covers all bases in terms of weather, insects etc. A poncho or trek umbrella is useful for the rainforest (could be too hot and sticky for standard waterproofs even though it is belting down) and the Andean rain. Waterproof boots might be hot in the rainforest, so breathable trail shoes better if trails not too muddy (they can give you wellies as well).

Thanks jdushe for the information you have given me I really appreciate it. Like you I walk in convertible trousers, I find these the best (now trying to convert my hubbie as he likes his Ronhills). How did you find the mosquitos and which particular brand of spray did you use.

Do you think this would be good enough for Peru, I certainly don't want to get bitten.

I suppose it is not as effective as DEET, I have not seen any formal test results.

Hi Sandra,

It looks like you've been given some good advice already, but you may want to check out this separate forum thread which has lots more useful tips on what to take from people who've already travelled on either Classic Peru or Inca Trail & the Amazon Rainforest (both very similar itineraries):

With regard to the insect repellent, I would always recommend taking something which is at least 50% DEET, as the insects around Machu Picchu and in the rainforest can be persistent. The threat of dengue fever in Amazonia, (spread by daytime biting mosquitoes), and malaria (spread by nighttime biting mosquitoes) means that you should really wear loose fitting long-sleeved shirts and trousers both at night and during the day, as well as using the most effective repellent possible whilst in the jungle.

Hope this all helps, but please let us know if you have any more questions before you leave in October. And have a great trip!


Tim (Peru trip manager)

Hi Tim

many thanks for getting back to me. I think we are getting there. Two things I would like to ask you 1. I assume we need a travel towel for when we are trekking? I assume when we are in hotel accomodation and the jungle lodge we won't need to bring our own?

2. Ponchos keep being mentioned, would you encourage a poncho rather than lightweight cag & overtrousers, or would you still take the overtrousers?

Sorry I have though of a 3rd. We have down jackets which we have used in Nepal do we need to take them? We really do want to travel as light as possible, I certainly want to carry as least as possible (in fact my hubbie doesn't really like me carrying anything) We are senior hikers.

Can't wait for this trip

Many thanks Sandra 




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