Classic Peru 1st Oct 2011

Who else is going, can't wait. Especially  now since we have got our Exodus bags makes it appear much closer. Sandra


how's the training going?

Hi, it seems to be going quite well, had a good session in the Peak District earlier this week on Bleaklow. Are you going and how's yours going?


Hi Sandra - Joanne 'Highlights of Nepal' here.

What questions did you have re your upcoming trip to Peru?

I cannot offer any advice re the jungle as I did not visit  the jungle during my trip.     Re the trek, I was cold more than I was hot  I zipped off my trousers into shorts on the morning of Day 1 as it was so very hot (early Oct) but by the middle of the afternoon they were zipped back on and stayed zipped on!  I later found out that I was bitten like crazy - so you may want to leave them on.  Take lots and lots of layers.  Hats and gloves too and sun cream for your face / lips.

A poncho is a good idea - because showers can be quick and frequent.  I also think a backpack cover is a good idea (if you have a backpack!)

Ask away!


Hi Joanne

Many thanks for getting back to me. I do have a back pack and a cover. It was really whether to get a poncho in place of my cag & overtrousers, although I would think we will need our cag as part of layers for the evenings on the Inca trail. We do have down jackets but have been told by exodus we don't need to take these. To be honest its more the jungle area I'm more concerned about. We have got plenty of spray ready for the mosquitos. Most of the photos we have seen of the Inca trail show people in shorts. Its the camping bit as well that I'm unsure of as we are oldies.I haven't camped since 1995 and that was at a local international camp. But the trail is something I've wanted to do so prepared to put up with it.

Once more thanks very much and do enjoy Nepal, we think its wonderful. Anything else you need to know just ask.


Did you take a down jacket with you, do you think we need to? Thanks Sandra

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