Classic Peru - Departing 21st August - who's going?

Hello fellow travellers

I was keen to find out who is going on the Classic Peru trip - 21st August departure?

Would be great to hear from you.


Hi Butterfly,

Me and my boyfriend are on this trip, getting really excited now as we were due to go out on the trip in April, but it was cancelled because of the ash!  It seems to have taken ages to come round,  I did some packing on Saturday and I think I've got everything. How are your preparations going?



Hi - lovely to meet you (and your boyfriend)!

Packing already? Wow... you are very organised! I have everything I need (I think) but not started packing yet! Wrote a list of things I still need to get last night so will make some time to do those over the next few weeks!

Have you ever done a trip like this before? This is my first one - I am travelling on my own so excited to meet everyone! A little nervous too though!


Well don't know what it is about it ,but I really enjoy packing, strange but true!

I've been on a couple of Exodus trips before and had a great time and both times I went on my own, I found most people were really friendly so you have the best of both worlds - people to talk to and chance for your own space as well.

I've not done a treking holiday before so I thought the 4 day Inca Trail was a good one to start with as I've been told its not too difficult. We've done a couple of weekends away to Lake District and North Wales but I think I will have to take my time when it comes to the hills, I always get to the top eventually just a bit slow. How about you have you done much walking?


Nope I've not done a treking holiday before so looking forward to this trip! And we have lots of different things to see in Peru so it should be lots of fun! You've done much more preparation than me, I've not done much walking, only to break my boots in a little bit! 3 weeks today we'll be on our flight... woo hoo! Can't wait to meet everyone! 



Only two weeks to go hurrah!

Would be nice to hear from other people on the trip, but not long now, might spot some of them at the airport!



Hi Ceeb

How's your packing going? I've been running around doing last minute shopping and started getting my bits and pieces together! I'm getting very excited now ;) Just over a week to go!

I checked the weather forecast the other day and looks like it's gonna be hot and humid in the Amazon - 36 degrees and 75% humidity... Cusco is much cooler... I'm finding packing for some many different temperatures is tough! Ha!

What clothes are you taking for the other parts of the trip? i.e. when we are not trekking, in the Amazon etc?

Butterfly ;)


Hi Butterfly,

All the packing is done, apart from some sweets for the trip.

I know what you mean about the temperature, I wasn't too sure what to put in, so once we've left the jungle and the inca trail, I've got jeans, tshirts and long sleeved tops with a thin fleece and a thick furry fleece if it gets really cold. Its going to be really weird this time as I'm also only taking my walking boots and trainers - I normally take loads of shoes and sandals for going out at night etc but I'm trying to pack light this time!

I've got my fingers crossed with all the talk of the proposed strikes at the airports. I couldn't bear it if it got cancelled again, and I had to go back to work !

Well good luck with the packing, hopefully we'll all be on our way soon.




Well done with all your packing, I'm making progress every evening preparing a little bit more! Packing day is this Sunday!

I was going to take the same for the days we're not in the jungle or inca trail - jeans, t-shirt, fleece etc.  I'm only taking my walking boots, trainers and a pair of flip flops so like you, trying to pack light!

I've spent the last day trying to choose what insect repellent to buy - and have ended up with some super strength deet - it doesn't smell too bad and if it keeps the mossies away it's worth it! :)

Fingers crossed re the airport strikes, but I heard they were planned for bank holiday weekend... when we'll be walking the inca trail! Woo hoo!

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