Classic Trip Vietnam & Cambodia - Who else?


I'm Sue and I am off on this trip (beats ice and snow I hope!).  Tad worried now as when I filled the info out to join this forum, I believed I was leaving on the 6th Feb and it made me enter the 7th - I can only presume that means not the date of leaving from Heathrow, but the date departing/arriving Hanoi and maybe meeting other travellers.  So am I the first to say "is there anyone out there"?

However, I find this quite bizarre, but if the facility is there to communicate beforehand rather than "cold" - hell why not?  Beats messages on message boards for reading/leaving for departure/arrival of the next.  Or does it?  Sad, there was fun trying to find the cheapest "hotel" at the expense of the highest number of cockroaches to crunch!  Anyone else found the Lonely Planet guide is far too large now?  Just 1 used to cover a continent - internet cafes etc. instead now.  No longer the hope of a "lost" purchase on your credit card! 


Hi Sue,

I'm Mike and I'm doing this trip with my wife Helen.  I see from the Availability information that there is just one place left now, which means there must be 15 people already confirmed as going.  We booked a while ago and are really looking forward to it now that the departure date is so close!

We've done quite a few Exodus trips now and this one looks to be one of the more comfortable in terms of accommodation, so hopefully no cockroaches or bedbugs!!  I agree, having everything laid on for us does take away some of the fun of searching out and choosing your own hotel, but as we get older we find we need our comforts more - like a clean bed at the end of the day and a pleasant bathroom to freshen up in the morning.   

I've managed to borrow or buy three guide books but not sure which one to take, if any.  They are certainly getting heavier to lug around and we are looking to travel as light as we can, seeing that we are moving from place to place so often.  Anyway we will have our own local guide to tell us about what we are seeing and where we can go in any free time, and the feedback I've read indicates they are very good.

We are a bit unsure about what clothes to pack, as we can't get a feel for what the daytime temperatures might be in the different locations we are going to.  Perhaps we need to take layers so we can be flexible about this.  Is sunburn a risk?  It is hard to imagine right now, as the temperatures here are so low even after the snow has gone (for now) ...

See you in Hanoi - on the 7th,  



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