Climbing Kilimanjaro Departing 19th October


Anyone else going on this trip? I'm going a a solo traveller so wouldn't mind chatting to a few people booked on the trip.

On the subject of Diamox, does anyone know how available it will be in Tanzania?




I did go to the doctors and wasn't prescribed any on the basis that the drug is unlicensed. As it is, I'm going to be doing without, I was just curious to find out if climbers generally picked it up in Tanzania as an over the counter drug.

Good luck with your climb the week after. How's training going?




I am also on this trip leaving Heathrow on 19th Oct. Looking forward to it in between moments of panic. I've recently retired so will probably be the 'mature' member of the group. Travelling alone as neither my husband nor any of my friends are brave enough (or mad enough!) to come along.

Getting my visa on arrival - hope I'm not the only one in the group doing this.

Looking forward to meeting you all



Hi Wilma,

I was also planning on getting my visa on arrival too, I did look into getting it before hand but it costs £70 - would much rather pay the $50 on arrival.

I'm glad to not be the only solo traveller! I know exactly what you mean about not knowing anyone barmy enough, and the only person who is barmy enough is my girlfriend but she's spent up on a trip to India.

Got my final jab on Tuesday and will hopefully collect my malaria pills... Hope you're getting on ok with getting organised.


Well...aren't we all just  crawling out of the woodwork at the last minute...I've been looking  for a while and decided this group was either non computerate or dead anti phew..we're not.Like Wilma everyone who said "I'll come" has  fallen by the wayside and I'm Mrs Billy No Mates..husband says his knees wouldnt stand up to the "down".And more importantly..just like Wilma ....I alternate between vague excitement and scared beyond measure.

Hope you're dead motivational. I get cold going round the supermarket,not keen on the dark and havent camped since I was about 20..some while ago now..See you in London (coming down from Nottingham)


Haha, no I'm certainly not anti social :) I only found out about this message board a few weeks back so did a search and decided to try and chat to a few people ahead of the trip.

Apart from being scared, are you all set and ready for the trip?

As for the being scared thing, you're not alone. My biggest fear is altitude sickness, the rest of it I'm genuinely excited about :) Just over a month to go now!!

Greetings again...have had an email from a Scottish guy just back from Kili...he was in a party of 12 and 11 summited...gr8 result.Warned me to wear as much as poss as bags go missing in Nairobi!So guess I'll be the one who looks like Michelin man.Agreed...biggest worry is Alt.sickness..and who can know?? I haven't got time or money to climb another Mountain like Meru or Mont Blanc!!!!(or the will) Just done Snowdon several times when i went to Wales few weeks back now.and got a sponsored walk at the weekend.(I'm no mountain freak , just up for a challenge)Just remembered , other tips I've had...throat sweets for the final push..and more "wipes"than you can imagine.

Hi to all,
Anyone like to share ,about how much money they ACTUALLY think would be sensible to take?Thnx.....


Hi Petrina
I am taking $400. $50 for visa, £100 dollars for spending money (snacks, drinks, etc etc) some of which I will change at the airport into shillings, £100 for tips and £150 for emergencies such as my bag not arriving (it always happens to me) and I have to buy/hire equipment.


Sorry the £ should have been $

Thanks for getting back on that Wilma.You will discover ...I AM Mrs Indecisive!(i also have moved to a place of feeling sick when i think about what I've signed up for.It didn't really help going to see "The Wildest Dream"...lots of talk about altitude sickness and extreme cold!)



I'm taking £150 ($230 dollars). I've already bought my visa, recommended tip is about $50-80 and about $40 to cover lunch for the 1st and last day in the hotel. Adding on some beer money for the last day that should leave me with just under a $100 for emergencies or other bits and bobs.

Has anyone recieved their exodus kit bag yet?



Hi Petrina,
I took $400, but only spent $300. Better taking more as plastic is no good.

Scottish Guy Just Back from Kili

Hi Justin,I emailed Exodus re kit bag.They are behind with delivery.They said to expect it mid to late next week's really good of you to tap into other trips to Kili,it's REALLY considerate and helpful ..thnx.
Hope we all have as good a trek as your lot. P.


I'm taking $400 as well, seems sensible to take more than required as the nearest cash machine is so far off.

So then, are we getting excited? :)

I was going to write something about the kit bags as I was getting worried, I e-mailed Exodus to find out where mine was and was told that rest assured one will arrive. I guess if it gets to the weekend before and it's still not arrived I'll go and buy one.


I'll be joining you on the trip - I'm also travelling alone. I'm really excited but also very nervous about the possibility of altitude sickness. Ive started to wake up in the night panicking about various things. Its great to hear from the people Im going to be sharing this mad adventure with!
RE kit bags I emailed exodus on Wednesday and got a response yesterday saying hopefully they will have them to us by the end of next week at latest i.e 15th!
Its gonna be cutting it fine...

Hi G...nice to hear from you...I believe that's it now...8 of us ?
waking in the night too..
In a good place to-day..feeling good to go..popping out to Wales for a last go up Snowdon on try the new boots (!!!!!)I've had to buy...cos old ones have just gone rubbish on me last week ..see yous all soon.. P


Yeah I think that is all 8 of us, unless someone else decides to book it last minute!

Does anyone know what type of plug sockets there will be in the hotel? I'm trying to figure out so I'll be able to give my camera one last charge before we set off. Cheers.


Socket same as uk



Cheers Jim, your help is much appreciated :)

Hola Cheryl and Kirstie...welcome to you both..sorry .it's a long story.but I didnt get new boots in the end..decided better the devil you know etc,bought some new liners and some more compeeds!!


Hi, everyone. Looking forward to seeing you all at Heathrow. I've packed my exodus bag inside another holdall but you'll still recognise me - pint sized, blonde hair, wearing walking boots and looking like I'm carrying the kitchen sink in my rucksack (bright orange!).


I'll be at Heathrow quite early as travelling from Warrington and want to set off early in case of any traffic problems. I'll probably find myself sat in Costa, or whatever they have, for a few hours till the checkin opens.

I'm all packed up now and raring to go. Bring on the adventure :)


Hope you all have a great time, best wishes and enjoy


Thanks Jim...Matt...see you in Costa I'm expecting to be there for about 4.00pm ish.
WHY does my bag weigh so much..there's nothing in it !!

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