Cold feet?

Never done anything like going to the Antarctic before altho' it's something I have wanted to do for years.  Would love to hear from anyone else going on the same trip to find out if they have seen Antarctica already.  Is it, as imagined, really quiet and beautiful or is it full of penguin noises and low-flying albatrosses? And just HOW rough does the sea get?  I have coped with a Force 8 in the English Channel but have no idea how this compares with your average January jaunt across Drake's Passage.


I am not going on your trip but can at least answer some of your questions.The trip was FANTASTIC and the best holiday that I have ever done. The Antartic is amazing and like nothing that I have seen before.

The noise of the penguign is lovely to hear, although the smell is something that you won't forget, even though I thought I had washed everything on the ship, I still found penguign s**t on items when I got home. The albatross are beautiful and hopefully they will fly repeatidly over the ship as you sail, and the bridge is a good starting point when watching the wildlife and the team on board will help you identify any thing that you don't recognise.

The scenery is vast and any photos that you have already seen just dont do it any justice and when the penguigns are gone you just have silence. AMAZING.

We were lucky and had a very calm drake crossing but then we had had a two storm ranging between 10/11 on the scale so guess anything is calm after that. BUT I WOULD RECOMMEND that you get tablets/patches through your doctor and not just pick up something at the chemist.

 Sorry to go on but it really is out of this world. Have a great time.

I've just made a provisional booking for Jan 11th 2011 and just plucking up the courage to go for it and confirm. It sounds amazing and out of this world but i only hesitate because i've never travelled solo before. Hope you have a fantastic trip, and i hope i'll be travelling in your wake (literally!)

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