Cols of the Tour, MWF 25 Sept 2011

Ok fellow travellers on the September departure! Time to connect. How much training have you acheived prior to this epic trip? Need to exchange gear ideas - fleece and warm wear, rain wear? What is your guess? Looking forward to meeting all of you. Arriving a couple of days in advance to acclimatise from Canada.


Training? Dammit. Knew I'd forgotten something.

Very much looking forward to the trip though.

Weather? I'm in the Alps right now and it's clear skies and 30 degree heat. No way of predicting what it'll be like in the Pyrenees in Sept though.


Dalleechee, OK Jenny71, I suspect a red herring if you are in the Alps right now - probably doing drills on Alpe d'huez and going to put the rest of us to shame in the sag wagon:-)

Look forward to licking our respective wounds together after a few climbs folks. Thanks for the link on marmot - will check it out. 



In the Alps without a bike. Training starts in earnest tomorrow. Or Monday..!


Really getting excited about this now!

I am thinking warm gloves/overshoes/arm and leg warmers and a coat are gonna be essential.

Is everyone else packing for cold/bad weather?

Daleechee - has this trip been run at this time of year before?  What was the weather like "on the ground" and at altitude?




Ignore my last question Daleechee!  I thought you were involved in the organisation (didn't read the post properly).  I now realise you just started the thread :-)

Any Exodus peeps on here???


Hey Joe, to answer your question, I am packing cycling arm and leg covers. I have been checking the temp, and see it is going to be relatively sunny the first few days, but suspect we will get a variety of temperatures. It is the mountains, so I suspect cool nights and cool mornings. 


I am just a traveller on this one - no stress of organizing!





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