Coming to Angkor Wat or what?

Well I've got my bicycle clips out of the shed and I've been down to the Kowloon Kitchen for a Number 23 with egg fried rice and prawn crackers so my training is well and truly under way.

But who can I expect to meet on my journey?

I'm on that tour, sound like we are the same I havn't been on a bike for a while but this trip sound interesting, booked my own flights from Gatwick with Emerates and saved a bit of money so quite happy.

Like your picture hope she is coming along? 


I was going to do Vietnam in April but change of plans so thinking about this one, only 1 place left.

Have checked weather for Feb but bit either of you have a better idea of how weather will be? 



Hello Jen and Gave.

According to guide books I've read and websites I've looked at and folk who I know who have been to Indo China, February is the best time to go as it's the coolest and driest month of the year. But you know what weather forecasters are like so it's not guaranteed.

The lady in the picture is my mum. That's her saying goodbye to me as I was setting off for Cuba last year. She won't be coming with us but she will be packing my clean hanky, undies and socks so she'll be there in spirit. I hope that helps.

I'm coming too! :-)

Oh I've heard about you on Exodus trips before. The things you get up to with a pair of bicycle clips and a bottle of gin! ;-)

I so glad to see there is a joker in the pack, I agree with Turnce the weather end of Feb to be the best for riding ie not too hot.

Just thought I would say Hi to everyone going on this one.  My first trip with Exodus, but sounds Great!  Can't wait to get going!

Hi Phil, now I'm worried looks like you know what you’re doing! Just make sure you give me a push every now & then, I'll be the one at the back! don't worry I have been on an Exodos trip to China and it was well organised.

No worries, I'll be along side of you, I'm quite happy to toddle along at the back.  Did look at first at the trekking holidays, but thought that we would cover more ground on a bike and so see much more.  The first few days seem a little high on the mileage, but then it seems to trail off.  And yes, I have heard good things from friends about Exodus!

Turnce, what is it you have heard exactly? I expect it is all true....there was this one time in Bosnia when...well, let's save that for a huddle around the wok. Gave, it'll be me at the back, make no mistake about that :-) I have started to get my arse in training for sitting in the saddle for hours on end but 3 hours has been my max so far...and even that hurts! Now...pass me the gin..!

Lesley I’m impressed that you have started training already, as I don’t even own a bike it’s gonna be a bit tough but I have a plan! In going to Lanzarote in two weeks so will start training there with a swim every day and most important part of my training will be walking to the bar & back I’m sure that counts?


Today is my first day back from a fabulous tour of Belgium, the Nether Regions and Germany during which I ate lots of vlaai met slagroom and drank lots of beer. Despite having walked kilometres and kilometres I feel like a right fat lardy git at the moment so today (not tomorrow) is the day that Operation Fat Boy Slim begins. Breakfast will be no more than a bowl of sleet and I'm off to the gym later to pump some fat.

Nick: I'm sure there will be some requirement to be able to walk to a bar on our trip so, don't worry, every little bit of training you do is worthwhile.

Lesley: Gave's going to be going to the bar. Woo hoo, we've cracked it.

Everybody: My real name is Terry. 



I like travelling with people who like going to the bar :-)

 My update is that I have visited my mate Shaz and we have filled in Visa applications for Vietnam.

I'm off down to the post office to post our passports to Travcour...I feel a bit lost without my passport on me at all times :-)


Lesley you are well organised I wasn’t going to bother to sort that out until after xmass ! but you did get me thinking about it.

I think I’ll drop mine off personally, I work in London so the Embassy is not too far away, also means that they won’t have too much time to laugh at my photo.

I’m a bit like you as I don’t like to be far away from my passport for very long and don’t trust the post.

Nice of you and Terry to get the first round in!

Done mine too. Got the forms all filled in and I'll be hot foot to the Post Office first thing on Monday.

So it's the medication to sort out next. Sharp pointy things needed in your arm or arse and nothing makes a malaria area scarier than not having taken the correct medication.

So what's your poison . . . in the bar I mean! 


I think that is an Americanisation, we always called them Injections when I was a kid.

Anyway, I'm here to report that today I had my Polio/Tetanus and Diptheria injection.

All I need now (apparently) is a typhoid injection and to collect some anti-malarials at the end of Jan and then I'm ready to rock and roll....

Rumour has it that it is best to take small denomination US dollar bills....

Terry, as you're offering, I'll have a large G&T unless it's happy hour on cocktails and then I'm fancying a Cosmopolitan  :-) 

I think I have had all those for a previous trip to Peru and the Amazon but not sure how long they last?

As for my poison is got to be Champagne so any time you want to buy me a bottle I’ll quite happily polish it off for you! or a bottle of beer or 3 will do  !

Lesley as for the Dollars yes they always take them & some time prefer them to local currency, don’t worry if you have any left I’ll take them off your hands.

So rounding up free beer & money things are looking good.

Well they said that my passport would be returned to me by Friday 23rd Nov and today I received an email to say it was in the post and will arrive tomorrow.

(That means, I'll be out and I'll have to collect it from the sorting office on Monday!)

Anyway, so what I was wanting to say is that Travcour certainly do what they say they will do so as long as you allow 2 weeks round trip for visas you should be OK.

Nick, we're talking! I just wasn't expecting to be able to get any in the boondocks of Cambodia. But you never know :-)

OOOh, I'm getting excited now. It may seem like ages away but it isn't really...

Dear Lesley that sounds nice & quick, unfortunately I can’t send mine as I need it for travel over the Christmas period but will sort it as soon as I’m back & yes it’s not that far away.

I have started my training for the trip I was in the pool yesterday for 20 lengths and have been for a couple mile walk this morning also will be back in the pool today for another 20, also of course I have made numerous trips to the bar I believe it’s the law in Lanzarote so who I’m I to go against the rules! Also have ordered a bike to do a bit of training when back in the UK.

I’m sure we can find some bubbly somewhere so I will make it a mission of  mine to find some, I have to say I like your picture and nice jugs! (sorry had to say it before someone else did i.e. Terry) don’t worry you can give me a slap when you see me.



I tittered a bit on the jugs comment. I'll set 'em up and you can deliver the punchline! :-)

Lanzarote and more travel over Christmas? This is not sounding like a hard life and I am starting to feel a little envious.

My mate, Shaz (not sure if she minds being called Shaz or not), is also joining us on this trip to celebrate a big birthday and she likes champagne as well (not sure why she hasn't got her arse on here to make comment yet but I'm sure she will) so I'm feeling pretty confident that this is going to be a fabulous trip.

No further updates from Phil, I hope we haven't scared him off.

Ta ra a bit


Lindsey so glad you have a good sense of humour I was a bit worried that you wouldn’t appreciate my joke. I get your joke in the reply (very fitting) so all is good. Yes where is Shaz? And as for her big birthday she is obviously 21 the same as you?
You should check out Terry’s blog he is funny.
Training has stopped! I managed to catch a cold so haven’t done anything for the last few days apart from sit in the sun when it appears (weather not been that good last few days) so feeling unfit again.
Don’t be jealous I’m only off to Perth for Christmas to stay with friends, as the office is closed also I don’t like Christmas or the cold so I try and get away, I sure you wouldn’t like Christmas turkey dinner in 36c heat would you? it’s a real struggle :) also they have a pool so more training.

Oh I've had a cold too. And I've still got nastiness lurking around in my head, the likes of which I wouldn't even wish on Wayne Rooney. So my training has stopped too and I'm feeling rather glum about it. And I too have got my entry visa for Vietnam looking all smart and tarty on page 27 of my passport. And I too am going away to sunnier climes for the period that the Christians have their celebration . . . I'll soon be riding on the Marrakech Express.

I'm a bit disappointed at the low level of some of the conversations that have taken place on here in my absence and shocked that it may resort to Lesley having to slap someone. There's a word for a woman who slaps, you know!

Thanks for what you said about my blog Nick, but be careful what you say to me when you meet me because you're sure to get a mention on there . . . ha haaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

And who is Lindsey?

Welcome back terry, yes I ment Lesley. I am loosing it.

Did do 12 laps of the pool today so started again.

I've not been on here for a bit because I forgot my username!

Anyway, just got back from a day on Pen-y-Fan in the Brecon Beacons.  It was freezing cold, lots of snow and blizzard conditions... It was great!  Nothing like sitting on the top of a mountain drinking port from your hip flask to keep warm.

I've had lots of jabs, but the nurse insisted on hepatitis B, so another two jabs to go.  Vietnam visa still in the post!

It was my birthday in the week, so just getting over the hangover!

Not sure it's fair that some of you are spending Christmas in the warm, I guess the next time I will see the sun is when we all arrive in bangkok.

Did someone say Port?
I'm sat at Stanstead awaiting a flight to Porto :-)
Sadly this is a work mission but I won't let that stop me sampling the local brew.
I shall be spending Christmas at home, peace and quiet.
So I plan to get out on the bike as I don't have a pool.

I'm glad Phil is back... It's a pain when you lose your login.

Right, time to board that plane...

Lesley I hope you’re bringing us some port back a couple of bottles will do! I love it, Especially a shot in a pint of Guinness that’s my Christmas drink, it goes well with prawns on the bar-be.

Glad to say I was in the pool again today but back in freezing UK tomorrow & will have to put my new bike together so on my bike from Saturday.

Welcome back Phil sorry life is not fair

I've got my name in bold :-)
That makes me feel special.
I'm a little concerned to how Terry might react to the port in the Guiness trick.
I once asked my mate to order me a Guiness and black whilst in a bar in Dublin.
He just looked at me with a look that said "not on your life, heathen".
I can see that Phil is a bit hard core.. Pen-y-fan at this time of year? Or maybe as it was his birthday (Happy Birthday!!) it was something he agreed to in his drunken birthday state?
I did Snowdon earlier this year, up the Watkins path, across the south ridge and back down Miners. That was a long old day and it only rained for the last hour and a half...
Enough waffle from me. Now where is that port?

Lesley, that's weird, I went up Snowdon early this year, and as you did I went up the Watkins path and then back down on the Miners trail.  I was hoping to then get a bus back to the start of the Watkins, but missed it and had to walk.  The friend I was with was not impressed!  We were camping and it rained the entire time! 

 I'm not hard core at all, but I do go walking most weekends and this time of year always take my port!  The summers much better, as we usually find a pub and coming from the west country, it's usually a pint or two of Cider.

 I'm glad Gave is back to the UK, it's not fait that we should suffer the cold on our own!

Thanks Phil

Yes back in the cold UK but it's the start of the Christmas party season and only got two weeks to cram it all in, pass me that Port !

Lesley you are special, so how many bottles did you bring me back? 

Better start packing again


I'm wondering what happened to Jen18.

And I'm also wondering why I don't get the notifcations for updates to this thread even though I have updated my settings...

No sign of Shaz yet, even though I mailed her a personal reminder.

Nick, I'm sorry to report that due to Ryanair hand luggage restrictions I was only able to bring 2 bottles back. 1 vintage ruby for Mother and 1 cheeky tawny for me. Given that I shall be home alone with the remotre control on Christmas day (I hate it when people write Xmas - even though I am guilty of it on the odd occaision) it will probably be all gone by Feb. Sorry.

It's the weekend...Yay!


Well eeh by jingo, I too climbed up sharp pointy things in the Brecon Beacons earlier this year. Read all about it! Read all about it!

As for those filthy heathens that go around polluting Guinness, well I feel very strongly about this and I have one thing to say and I will try to get my point across as politely as possible. Can you pick up your teeth with broken fingers?

Off to see the practice nurse tomorrow at my local surgery. I'm hoping the most recent flare up is nothing to worry about but while I'm there I'm going to talk malaria with here.

Hasta la victoria, siempre.


Well everybody I finally got my new bike put together and was very impressed what you can get for £60 even though it took me an hour to put it together! Any way I went for an hour ride on Sunday and apart from a sore bum (even with a seat cover) all was ok, it’s quite hilly where I live and they were bit of a struggle but we all have to start somewhere.

Glad to say I had a few of my Christmas drinks at the weekend, Yes Terry Guinness with a shot of Port, I had to buy my own Port a Lesley only saw it fit to look after herself! sooooooooooooo inconsiderate

You've all gone quiet! I assume it's cos you're all out on "work's do's"... I'm not because our lot are too tight!
I did get some more port this week but I've gone a little off-piste and bought some rose port.
Haven't tried it yet so if anyone fancies popping over for a drop just come on round.
I'm currently full of the phlegm and stuff. Flying last week was a drama as I went deaf (ehy?) in my right ear. I'm still not right despite opening the Jura...
So, I have a plan to dance myself dizzy and try and sweat it out tonight... It didn't work last night but you can't blame a girl for trying...

I’m still here though only just, I had my Christmas do last Friday lunch time all free I might add anyway there was beer wine and of course Port. Don’t remember getting home just work up 1:30am in bed with all my clothes on! (what a light weight).

I have now paid the balance for the trip so no pulling out now and was out again on my bike so training is progressing also just been to get pictures for my visas; I think I broke the lens.

Lesley I’m up for the free drink especially port just send me your address and I’ll be there but can’t guarantee I’ll stay awake.


Australia here I come  :)

It's nearly upon us...!

Hope you all have a merry one and I look forward to seeing you all at the end of Feb!

Happy Holidays


Just back from dropping my passport of at the Vietnamese embassy so should have my visa by next week.

It’s all downhill now.

Quick question! Have anyone bothered getting a visa for Cambodia?

According to the trip notes we get our Cambodian visas at the border crossing point as we leave Thailand. I normally detest bureaucratic red tape but there's something a bit exciting about it when it's done at an international frontier post. The two hours I spent filling in forms and sweating my kernels off in the raging sun as I took a car and my kids through the U.N. Buffer Zone into Northern Cyprus were amongst the best in my life.

Got my first rabies injection next Monday . . . how much more thrilling can this get? 

Or rather I concur with Our Terry....The trip notes suggest that we can get the visa for Cambodia at the border. I shall take a spare passport photo with me just in case....

I remember at border control between Nepal and Sikkim there were fabulous samosas on sale. I was sent out by the Dragoman truck leader to get some for everyone - the little fella busy frying up was a bit put out and put 3 aside for himself before cooking up the rest for us (and then shut up shop for the rest of the day!)

My doc didn't seem that fussed about me having any rabies shots...just told me to stay away from mad dogs....

Check out page 30  of Exodus Extracts....see anyone you recognise? :-)

I got given a £10 amazon voucher for Christmas so I think I'd better buy the Cambodia Lonely Planet Guide. I'm off to get that done now!!

Just back from the Vietnam Embassy with a nice visa pasted in it. It has gone up by £10 so lucky you if you did it last year. I think you all missed the point I have read the trip notes but!  Just wonder if any one actually bothered to get a Cambodian visa.

Lesley I agree with the doc just keep away from all animals unless they are cooked!

Seen page 30 god terry you get every where!

Thanks Nick but you don't need to call me God.

Well I've been out on my bike . . . once. Last Sunday I did an hour despite having a cold and I didn't die or anything. And not a blemish on my bum! Poor weather, masses of work and cascades of snot have prohibited me from any further physical activity since then but this weekend it's either the back roads of Wiltshire or the gym or both. Worrying about my fitness has caused significant weight loss.

I've got my malaria drugs ordered but I wondered if anyone was doing anything to prevent being bitten in the middle of the night. Buying a muzzle for Lesley is a good start but what about those plug in shenannigans? Are they any good and do you think we'll need them?

Terry you think highly of yourself just a well I'm a non believer.

The weather has messed up my training programe, glad to say I inversted in a cross trainner a few years ago so still on track, mind you I'm doubting my sanity regarding booking this trip, I'm sure I'm not the only one?

Lesley where have you gone?

Hi everyone,

Can anyone advise about money?  What currencies are people taking?  Maybe just Pounds and find exchanges as we go.  Seems quite confusing having to take three different currencies.

 Maybe we don't take any money at all, but just keep popping up when Nick is at the bar!

 Glad to hear everyones training is going so well!

I'm back!!

Just had rabies shot number 2 this morning...and paid through the nostrils for a private perscription for malarone. Just got to find the cheapest place to buy them now.

DEET/Jungle Formula I reckon instead of Lancome or Estee Lauder....

Currency...I've got some dollars as I've heard that a lot of these places will take them rather than the local currency but I plan to change up cash as and when we need it.

Training....erm, well, I had my mate check that my tyres werent flat yesterday so if this wet stuff EVER ceases I might be able to get out for a pedal or two before we go.

On previous trips I've take my own SPD pedals but I'm thinking that as the cycle days are long that just ordinary trainer type shoes will do. SPD shoes make my feet tingle if I wear them for two long as my feet don't get enough movement...

This coming Saturday (2nd Feb) marks the fact that it is then only 3 weeks before we go!! Yee haa!

Nick, I'm disappointed that you haven't added a pofile pic yet. Too busy travelling and sunning yourself.

I have a mate who is out in Veitnam right now and I'm seeing all sorts of horror pics of fried cockroaches and tarantulas.... euw!


I agree with Lesley I'm taking US$ I found that they can be used most places in the world but a will also take a few Dong. No problem Phil the beers are on me! Or do I mean in me?

Still training myself and found a local park with a circuit of 1.1 miles so been doing at least 7 laps even though it was blowing a gale force wind on Sunday, I forgot to take my seat cover and had a seriously sore bum any suggestions to stop it? Non from Terry thanks!

Dear Lesley I have tried to put a photo up but all mine are far too large to put up & I’m talking about the file size not my head! I use a DSLR so usually creates a large file size zzzzzzzzzzzz. My email address is on my profile so I’ll send you one if you really want, I know it’s nice to see what people look like before you meet them so don’t have a problem.


sorry don't think it's desplayed

[email protected]

When you say "sore" are we talking the chafing kind of sore or just a numb bum, unable to walk the next day sore?

The second one I can't help you with...Man up and get used to it :-)

For the other kind of sore, I can highly recommend Assos Cream

Or this one that I have for this trip and used on my last Exodus cycle trip to Turkey

Slather it all around your nether portions and you shouldn't suffer from any rubbing, chafing or sweaty problems....


I'm all ready to go & started packing already. Wanted to get up to top of the list again!!!

I'll see you all in Bangkok


Just doing a bit of packing myself getting ready

My name is Byron, looking forward to meeting you all and having a bit of an adventure




hi everyone - just did this trip in January - it's a great trip - have just done a review if you are interested.  Saw the question about $$. Some Thai baht would be useful and the rest in small denomination US $$ - any note over $20 is hard to change so take lots of $1s and $5s. 


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