constantly overpacking !!

anyone else on this trip can give us a few hints on what to pack, i always tend to overdo it !!!

I'm on the same trip a week later.  The detailed trip notes  says the lodge actually provides a lot of gear, e.g. a full outer layer plus backpak, so I guess that will reduce things quite a lot. I'm really just packing as if I was going on a week's skiing - I share your pain though, I always overpack too!


I'm on the same trip as you Jane_malcolm, and not sure what to pack either. haven't really thought about it too much yet, although fairly sure the thermal underwear is going in the bag. They say that they provide it, but that you might prefer to take your own.

Which of the activities are you looking forward to?


Hi, I am on the same trip.  I ordered some baselayers, socks and winter sunglasses to take on the trip.  I'll also bring sunscreen and some warm eveningwear, shoes and a bathing suit.I asked Exodus and all the equipment is provided.

I feel excited about meeting the huskies.


I think the dog sledding is going to be fantastic, but to be honest looking forward to everything !!! going to bring our own thermals i think but wondering if we need special boots for the snow showing, this is all new to us !!!


They ask for shoe sizes for boots, so I'm sure they provide everything needed for the activities.

Maria6 - The sunglasses and suncream are a good call which I hadn't thought about.

 I'm travelling with my dad - he's particularly keen on the huskies and the snow shoes, but will probably leave the snow-mobiling and ice climbing to me. I reckon the whole trip should be good fun though, looking forward to it all!

I'm not actually sure there'll be enough sun for suncream!  I'm still trying to find out how much daylight there actually is that time of year but Exodus have told me it's more or less semi twilight the whole day! I can't really imagine it!


just had an e-mail from Bethany and they say suncream etc after February,  and yes boots are provided too, so just some comfy clothes for the evenings :) we are both complete novices so hope we dont hold anyone back... we are from sunny Cornwall where snow doesnt really happen !!!



Thanks for the tips.  I am also a complete novice and from sunny Spain.  I will be coming with a friend who is German.


We went on this trip in March this year - it was fantastic and you should all have a great time!  We packed all our usual ski clothing but really all you need are casual clothes for the evening and underwear.  Obviously you will need some warm clothes for the trip there and back but they literally supply you with everything else you need.  They can supply socks but we just decided that we would be more comfortable wearing our own. 

Paul and Jo


Yup .extremely excited about my holiday....10 more not gonna lie ive never seen much snow ....

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