Corsica GR20

Hi, we are going on this hike at the end of August, our first Exodus trip, wondering who else will be coming along?  We enjoy walking but am not too sure about the scrambling bit..suppose it must be alright if others have managed.  Kirsty and Mark from Scotland


Hi Kirsty and Mark,

This will be our fourth Exodus trip, they have all gone well so have no doubt this will also. We live in Scotland as well, Dunfermline, so the country will be well represented.


Hi Kirsty, Mark,Ian and ? Will be joining you on this trip. Hail from Peterborough though. Very flat area! However, enjoy walking in Scotland



Hello Kirsty and Mark,

For me too, it will be the first trip with Exodus. I come from little Malta, no mountains here but am trying to keep myself as fit as possible, though very long walks are practically impossible with the heat we seem to be having at the moment.

Marie Louise


Kirsty Simpson

Hi, Thanks for your replies. Heat is not normally a problem we have in Scotland but the weather has been pretty good recently. Would like to hear more about past Exodus trips, what is the balance between hard work and good fun?


Hi Kirsty, Mark, Fred, Marie Louise!

I am your fifth member. Booked rather late. Was a last minute idea to get a holiday before I go back to school (yes I'm a teacher) while my husband is away working in South Korea of all places.

Looking forward to meeting you all and hoping for a wonderful holiday. First time with Exodus though have done Explore before.

Ann Dickenson


Nice to hear from you. Not long to go now, wondering how hard it will be but looking forward to a great holiday.




Hi everyone,

we've started to pack, so can't be long now!  Two more from Scotland, Nick and Penelope - we are flying down to Nice from Edinburgh then hopping over to Corsica and spending the night on the coast (might be tenpted to stay there!) before meeting up at the airport.  We did the Canadian Rockies trip last autumn (same grade) and the balance of hard work and fun was really good Kirsty, although we were camping, so at the end of the day there was always the pitching of the tents, washing up rota etc.  Lots of laughs too though!

Look forward to meeting you on Sunday,

all the best P


How extremely disappointing. No guided ascent of Monte Cintu now because some earlier trekkers thought it was too tough! Why not give a choice rather than cancel it. Offering an unguided option stinks a bit of money pinching!                                                                                          Anyway, the trip was graded as challenging. Surely, if some were not up to a challenging trek, they should not have booked!                                                                                                           Of course, I would have understood if, on the day, the weather conditions were appalling, but to cancel it outright at such short notice is just not fair.                                                            Weather permitting, guide or no guide, I will still try to go up, assuming the trail is clearly marked. Any like minded trekkers? 



Looking forward to meeting you all. Disappointing news about the summit day but I am sure we will have many other equally memorable days. I have done many Exodus trips and never been disappointed - a couple of leaders I would be happy not to be led by again but overall happy with everything.

Weather permitting I am happy to consider a summit challenge with Fred. I walked 'Mare e monti' on my own many years ago and have memories of dark clouds and thunder on the high peaks on several days (but I know the next two weeks will be thunder free!)



Spoke to Rachel George at Exodus early this morning. Exodus are now arranging for a guide for those interested in trekking up to the summit of Monte Cintu. Hurray! Having seen pictures from the summit online, it is obviously an opportunity not to be missed. So here's to excellent weather on the day!



Good news about the guide, although Iwas going anaway!


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