Costa Rica

Hi to any fellow travellers to Costa Rica. Noticed the trip is now guaranteed so thought I'd post to start the countdown for us. I am travelling on my own and actually arriving in CR the 3 August and fly home same day as group flight but with Air Canada. Am planning to go to Corcovado park in the week before I join the tour.Have travelled twice before with exodus and am looking forward to trip 3 already!



I have just booked onto the trip - very excited already although I am also a bit nervous as it is my first trip anywhere on my own.  The trip looks amazing though and it is good to be able to chat to people who are also going.


Hi Lorna

Great to hear from you! Can't wait til August - have heard lots of wonderful things about Costa Rica and the photos from previous travellers look pretty cool too. Also already read a number of guide books etc etc! Am hoping my Spanish gets me by in the week before I meet the group - not travelled on my own outside of Europe before so that's the bit I'm nervous about. Have travelled a few times on my own/with a friend on group hols and they've always been really good. Are you on the group flight? I have no doubt you'll meet some of the group at the airport if you are. Where are you from? I'm from Lincolnshire.



I have just invested in a lonely planet guide :).  My Spanish is almost non existent but I have a few months to learn so I'm sure it will be fine!  It's great that you can join the group there and I'm sure it will be an excellent experience to do a bit of travelling on your own before joining the group.  I think I am on the group flight, although I did tick the 'interested in regional flights' box as I'm based in Somerset and London is a bit of a trekk.  It would be nice to meet the group first though so I dont mind if I end up going from London.  Where did you go on your other exodus trips?


Hi Lorna,

I went to Kenya/Tanzania/Zanzibar in 2006 - it was the first time I'd gone on this type of trip on my own having previously done a trip to Egypt with a friend (though not through Exodus). I then did the Highlights of Northern India trip with exodus in 2008, again as a solo traveller. Since then, I've also been to Peru and Svalbard as a single traveller with Explore, a trip from Cape Town to Vic Falls with a friend through the Adventure Company, and the same friend and I did a private tour of China in 2011 which was through a Chinese company. You mix with the group whether you go on your own, with a friend, or even been on one group trip with some honeymooners!

I too have the Lonely Planet book, and have the Rough Guide on my Kindle as well! Keep looking through them and looking at pics of all the wildlife. From what I've read, most  people speak good English but I want to improve my Spanish so will definitely be trying it out on the guide/driver/locals/anyone who'll listen! Did you watch the BBC programme in Costa Rica about The Dark a while back?


I've just booked this trip - last space and really looking forward to it. This is my second holiday with Exodus. Went to China last year so this will be a total contrast. I didnt manage to get on the group flight but should arrive about the same time.


Good to hear from you, can't wait for the trip - keep reading the great reviews it is getting on here too. Which airline are you flying with? Have had to change (well, Air Canada tried to change my flight day) so now flying with United both ways.


I'm flying out United Airlines on 10th April, changing at Newark Liberty. There wasnt room on the group flight or it would have cost me an extra £2000!!!! Cant wait too. Looks fantastic

Hello guys,  Really looking forward to the trip!  Have done lots of travelling but always seem to go East,  I thought I'd go West this time :-) Not done any trips with Exodus before but have hear good things.  I'm on the group flight, are any others of you on the flight from LHRW?





Caroline Kent, UK


Hi Caroline,

I'm on the group flight too! Very excited already and have started packing my bag ( probably a little too keen lol!)
This is my first exodus trip too :) I'm staying overnight at heathrow as I thought it would be easier and means I can drive up the day before. Will be great to meet everyone :D


Hi again everyone,

Have already started packing too, though guess I may have to trim it down a bit as the pile is pretty big! Just broken up for the summer so trip finally feels close now. Looking forward to meeting everyone in a few weeks. Tracy

Hi Lorna, Hi Tracy :-)

 I have nowhere near started packing as suspect I may have to purchase a new trolley bag due to broken wheels on the other lol!

Think packing light is a good thing.  Sounds like the places we are staying have towels so that's a good start!  Hopefully see you on the flight then Lorna :-)  The flight is rather early isn't it!  Think I will be suffering from sleep deprivation on the first day! Caroline Kent, UK


Hope you guys are well! Was wondering if you are taking suitcases or bags? I am not sure what to take!?! I have a 'travellers' backpack that I took to Thailand but wasn't sure if a suitcase would be better as it will be waterproof. Any ideas would be great! Also, was wondering if you are intending on doing the optional extras? I was thinking that the whitewater rafting sounded good! Not long now, wishing away the next week lol!

Caroline, I will probably be in the nearest coffee shop after checking in at ridiculous o'clock so if you're at a loose end and fancy a caffeine injection before the flight come and find me, there must be a costa or Starbucks near our boarding gate. :)


Hi again, I am using a rucksack on wheels as my main bag which has a day rucksack attached to it, first time I've used it as my trusty old bag on wheels finally packed up so not sure how it'll be.  Don't think it has any kind of water proofing! My hand luggage is a separate rucksack which is bigger so think will transfer luggage to Tortuguero in that if we need to leave some behind, and I think it has a rain cover. I also have a couple of small dry bags. On most tours I've done, they prefer a soft bag/rucksack, have not known anyone use a hard case. What time does the group flight get you to the hotel? Just wondering if you will all be there when I arrive around 5pm. By the sound of things with an early flight, if you are there, you'll all be asleep!


That's sorted then, I shall use my backpack :) our flight gets in a 14:40 so we should be there at a similar time. Have been reading all of the reviews again just to see if there is anything extra that I need but I think I'm pretty much sorted! Will see you guys soon :)

Hi Lorna :-)

Yes good idea to meet up at LHRW.  If you email me [email protected] I will send you my mobile number and we can hook up for brekkie!

Getting paranoid about mozzies.  Are any of you taking malaria tablets?

Caroline Kent, UK

No I am not taking anti malarials - when I put the form in to my travel nurse, they said I didn't need anything. Have looked at the fit for travel website and the risk is low to none where we're going so hopefully will be ok.


Well I'm taking my trusty suitcase - hate carrying anything and will wheel to my hearts content. We only pass a malaria zone so not taking anything, but you need lots of deet to keep the mozzies and dengue fever away! Last year I stunk to high heaven but hardly got bitten by anything!!! Getting close.


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