Costa Rica at the end of October anyone???

Never used this chat room before, but thought it might be fun to see if anyone was on my trip at the end of October. Drop me a line if you are!


We are coming too! We (Cathal, my husband and myself) have not had a Proper Holiday for years, and this is IT! I've got some mosquito repellant and a hat so far, but we are starting to get exited now - it's not too long to go.

Look forward to meeting you,

Sue McGrath


Hi Sue. Apart from organising my visa through the US I haven't got anything sorted! Do you know if we need malaria tablets? Really good camera is the best recommendation I've had so far - so off to get more memory cards this weekend too. 


Hi Everyone!

Great to hear from you - less than a month to go now!! Had my jabs - just working out which anti-malarial tabs to take.. have 2 to choose from..

Cant wait to go - really looking forward to the trip!


I just got the ones that the pharmacist in Boots recommended in the end. Will be buying some good insect repellent though as I always get bitten.

Now trying to sort out clothes....

Jeff Wilkes

Just got back from this trip having had a great time. Happy to pass on any tips. The main one to start with is that you do not need anti-malaria pills as you do not go to an at risk area. Enjoy it although we had an earthquake which was a bit worrying at first.


Thanks for that Jeff - I'm actually not doing that well on the tablets I got from Boots so will be glad to stop taking them!

Big earthquake????

Any advice on what clothes to take?

Jeff Wilkes

Hi Sarah, it was measured at about 5.8 and felt all over the country but not much damage done or any fatalaties. You will have high humidity as well as much rain so moisture wicking fabrics are the best, plus they dry quickly, except at Golfito where everything is damp within ten minutes of putting it on! I took a poncho rather than a jacket mainly to have air circulating and keep dry inside it. Waterproof boots are an advantage too. Although malaria is not a risk take your bug spray as they are quite active in some of the areas you visit. Boots do a very good roll-on rather than spraying the Deet all over the place. The popular places for bites were on the ankles, elbows and around the ears so double dose those spots. That is all I can think of for now but will check again to see if there are any more queries. You will enjoy it despite what it may sound like. Jeff

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