countdown to the circuit 11 Aug


My sister is getting married tomorrow, just thought I'd take my mind off it for a mo & see if anyone on my trip was online.

Im really looking forward to it & hope my circuit training has been enough! 

I am also booked on this trip. Looking forward to it.


 Hi, my wife and I are both booked on this, it doesn't look like the toughest trip (not sure I'll be saying that after a couple of days), so I guess we just keep our fingers crossed for nice weather


Matt Pillinger


Sunshine would be fab, did a very soggy walk in N Wales today. Have you done a few trips with exodus Matt? Im guessing you have if you've been a member for 4yrs. If so any tips that aren't mentioned in trip notes?



Hi Hayley & Matt

I haven't managed to get out walking for a few weeks. Was going to go at weekend but it was a bit wet so decided not to bother. Been doing a bit of running though so hopefully that will be enough! I am really looking forward to the trip. This will be my 5th trip with exodus and have really enjoyed all the trips I have been on. I have usually found the trip notes to be pretty good in terms of what to bring but I am sure I will forget something!



me and my friend Neeky are doing this trip. We're looking forward to it, and hope the weather will be good.



I think the trip is full or almost full. Is anyone else travelling from Heathrow? I'm heading down to Surrey on Thursday to stay with my brother. A day on the national express. Joy.

I like the mysterious grey profile heads on this site!



 Hi Everyone

 Yeah I have done a few trips with Exodus before (Kilimanjaro, Petra & the Pyramids & Mt Toubkal Winter), so I guess you could say I recommend them and would certainly use again.

In terms of advice on what to bring, the trip notes are pretty detailed

Other than that, a small pillow will help you sleep - they are only a few £ (< £10 definitely).

I can't remember if the trip notes mention Gaitors or not, but I'll bring mine, they stop stones getting in your boot, I'll bring walking poles as my knees tend to take a battering so anything to take some of the weight is good.

Finally, if room I will bring a bottle of concentrated OJ, you can get sick of the taste of water after a few days and then of course, end up drinking less, so if you can make it taste nice then that is a good idea.

We are travelling from Heathrow, I think the flight is at 7am or something on Sunday morning.

See you all soon

Matt Pillinger



just in case ...

Matt Pillinger


Thanks Matt, I've hardly got any room for clothes in my bag after my medical & camping stuff is packed. Therefore I suggest you all bring a nose peg!

See you Sunday 

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