Cuba - La Isla Grande


 Just has my booking confirmed for 4th Dec departure, is anyone else booked on to this trip?

Look forward to hearing from you.


Hi Kate,

I'm coming on that trip with my partner Steve. He's been to Cuba before, but it's my first time. I gather the food is "ok", and that there is "enough". Consequently I am apprehensive, and will be following advice to take snacks!

 Looking forward to meeting up,



Hi Cathy,

Thanks for the response, it is also my first time to Cuba.  Just looking through all the bits and pieces with what to take etc - thanks for the snacks advice.

Really looking forward to it now





Guys, I have been to Cuba four times. Not only do I suggest snacks for your AUB trip but I do recommend taking some kind of sauce, i.e Reggae reggae or something similar just to give your food a bit of taste. The Cubans primarily use a lot of salt to make their food 'taste' but this is added after and by choice so dont worry.
Dec months in the mountains can become quite chilly, especially up in Sierra Maestra, so I do recommend just bringing the one fleece. The days are warm, sunny but not as humid and hot as Aug time. I was there last Nov and this Jan and I thought Nov was warmer than Jan. Although Jan was drier.
My fella does the AUB trips and he is doing one just now, he said there is much scope for salsa and dancing as his group kept him out until 2am the other day dancing!!
You'll have a great time, just dont expect too much, dont expect fast service for anyone other than your tour guide/bus driver/operator and dont expect fancy foods. The seafood is really cheap and very good, I ate lobster almost everytime I was out there.
Enjoy, the country is a feast of culture.


Hi Kate and Cathy

I've just booked onto this trip too. Really looking forward to it. 

Are you following the reviewers' advice to learn to salsa before you go?


I have a very large favour to ask, if anyone would be so kind to take a pair of trousers and some socks over to my fella when you travel to cuba?  The trousers are lightweight cargo pants he needs for walking and some sports socks. I have them here, but need someone to take them over for me. I dont go out until Feb 2012 and would like him to get them for his walking trips with Exodus. If anyone is willing to do this for me, I would be most grateful.  If you email my email address on my profile, I can send them up to you in the post before you travel. I'll include his Christmas card in there too as mail takes about 3 months to get over to Cuba from the UK and sometimes its opened by the mail authorities.  I had a friend that used to go over but she got her fella here in the UK and I dont think he is returning to Cuba anytime soon!! He loves the UK.  If he is not your Exodus guide when you get to Cuba it doesnt matter as if you give it to your Exodus/Cubanacan tour guide who will be english speaking they will know who to give them too.

Many thanks in advance.

Nicola x

Hi Nicola, my wife Eve and I are on the Cuba 18th Dec trip. I tried to click on your profile but that is not working.  Did you sort out your problem? Is your fella doing our tour?


email: [email protected]



Hi Sara,

Yes I have seen that about Salsa lessons.  I live out in the country and not really any classes.  Are you having lessons?

My next big query/problem is what suit case/bag to take thats suitable.



Hi Kate

I was going to give it a go but not sure I'll get around to it. Where better to learn than Cuba with a rum cocktail or two! 

I'm sticking with my trusty backpack. Find it easier than wheeling a case about. Trying to decide on walking shoes or boots.

Is this your first Exodus trip?



Hi Sara,

I am sure we will pick it up straight away!  Looking forward to the cocktails.

Yes this is my first exodus trip, been long overdue so very excited.  Really looking forward to Cuba.  

I have a back pack, not sure where it is though best get looking did think it might be more sensible as we are on the move all the time.  Not sure about footwear I think sturdy trainers or walking shoes will be ok.


Hi there, not sure if you received my email or not?  I have found that my emails sometimes end up in peoples spam boxes!! Many thanks.

hmm - hadn't spotted that advice. Last time I tried I discovered that I have at least three left feet - and I hold out no hope at all for my partner Steve! The answer may lie in the rum.

Thanks for the advice about a fleece - will make sure I pack one (do I have one, I wonder ...)

 As for suitcases -  my trusty wheelie is coming out again!




Hi all - I have just had confirmation on joining this trip - nice to meet you all online prior to the trip -  glad there is some female company as I did join a group trip in the past and was the only female all be it was a livaboard diving holiday.

This is my second trip to Central America area with Exodus - but first trip to Cuba - it has been on my wish list for a while but i've never been able to fit it before - thanks for the info on fleece and have never tried Salsa but always willing to have a go - should be fun wiht my 2 left feet! 



Just got my tourist card and time seems to be flying by. Only 1 month and a few days to go! Very excited now!

Jane, also relieved to see there's lots of female company.  

Does anyone else have any last packing tips? Trying to avoid any last minute shopping this time, although I know it's inevitable! 


Hello all, Looking forward to meeting you all & having a good time in Cuba. Not even thought yet about what to take.


Hi everybody

So excited about my first Cuban holiday.  Snacks advice appreciated.  Does anyone know if vegetarian options are widely available? 

Will also be using my backpack. I reckon learning salsa while in Cuba is the way to go.  

Looking forward to meeting you all



Hi everyone,

Nice to see there are even more of us booked to go on this trip, less than 3 weeks to go.

I have started packing, no idea if I am packing the right type of clothes but hey I am sure I will manage. 

See you all soon



This has come around so quickly. Weather forecast says 27 degrees of glorious sunshine when we arrive!

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