Cuba La Isla Grande

Looking forward to Cuba already and hope to hear from some fellow travellers.


hi there, I am actually thinking of going on this trip and this will be as a first time traveler with Exodus.  Have you traveled with them before?  Regards, Bernadette


Hi. I've been with Exodus once before - on a safari trip to Kenya. It was very good. I've been on more trips with Explore but basically because either dates or price or itinerary were better. I looked at both Explore and Exodus for this trip and decided I liked this one better as the itinerary was more interesting. I have a couple of friends who went on the explore trip at Christmas and said the trekking bit wasn't that interesting and they did not get much time at the coast. As there were two or three days of trekking on the explore one and they said it wasn't that great, I thought this one would be better. Certainly have no concerns about Exodus based on Kenya and have heard good things from others who have been more often.

Hope that helps!



Hi Morag

Trip now booked and hope to see u there....Bernadette :-)


Look forward to it!


Hi I have just booked as well - can't wait I have been wanting to go to Cuba for ages.  It will my 1st Exodus trip but I have only heard and read good things about them - see you there - Amanda


Hi! I'm also looking forward to my first Exodus trip and my first visit to Cuba. I've always wanted to go!The itinerary looks fantastic and by the looks of it will be loads of fun - see you all there!

I will be joining the Cuba trip departing on 2nd August (let me escape the madness of the Olympics PLEASE!!!).  It looks like a great trip packed with lots of variety and should be fun.  I have done two trips with Exodus (Gorillas and Namibia which were both great in different ways) and now Cuba.  I am not get too excited in case anything happens beforehand so I am not tempting fate.  If anyone is leaving from London and wants to meet up at the airport let me know.  Looking forward to seeing the island before it gets spoilt. It is on my "bucket list" so keeping fingers crossed!   


Hi Ali, yes I'm on the Gatwick flight. Maybe we could grab a coffee somewhere at the airport?

Hi Morag, that would be a brilliant idea. I am planning to get there early and check in so I can get rid of my bags first thing. Will research a good place to meet once through the security and will get back to you with a good place to meet for coffee. Cheers.


Great see you there.


Hi Ali
Hope you get this. Got a text from Virgin to say the flight is delayed an hour so am going to leave a little later for the airport. How about coffee around 11ish?

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