Cuba-La Isla Grande-2 May 2010-Anyone else going?

Hi anybody!

I'm a single woman who's taking the Cuban trip for 2 weeks from 2 May & will be staying on for 3 nights at the end to kick my heels & chill out.  I've been on a couple of Exodus trips before (Morocco & Sri Lanka), with a partner & on my own so know what to expect-hence the decision to stay on a few days & get some rest!

If anyone else on that trip is in the same boat & would like a chat beforehand, please drop me a line.  It would be great to hear fom you even if you're not stopping on.

Looking forward to lots of salsa, mojitos & latin adventure.

 Hasta luego, mes amigos!


Hi there!

I'm also going alone, and whilst I'm heading back on the group flight (work wouldn't allow me anymore time off!) it's really good to know that you have been with Exodus before and are happy to go again! It's my first trip with them, as I normally go with Intrepid, but I didn't like their Cuba itinerary as much!

 Have a great day,



Good to hear from you, Katie.  We'll have to play 'spot the Exodus traveller' at Gatwick & see if we can spot each other before we get on the flight!  I managed to spot a couple of others at the airport going to Sri Lanka-had the slightly weird experience of being on a trip with 1 couple & 5 other single women that time.  Thank heavens we all got on great.  No idea how to send a message direct to you so if you know how & want to message me, no problem.  Otherwise I'll look forward to meeting you either at Gatwick or in Havana



Hi Janet,

I don't know either, but you're welcome to my email address! [email protected].

Hope you're having a good week,




I've sent you a message via my yahoo address so hope you get it!

 Hasta luego



I'm also going to be on that trip.  I've been on a few Exodus trips before and always had a great time.  Really looking forward to this one!


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