Cuba Trip Departing 20th March - Who's coming along then?

Hello there!


If you're reading this post then I'm hoping that you are one of my fellow travellers on the Isla Grande Trip! Drop a note to say hi! I'm getting pretty excited about the trip now - a bit of sun, sand, adventure and rum sound like the perfect cocktail of a holiday right now. It's my second Exodus holiday (went to Thailand in November and had a great experience) and hopefully it will be just as good or maybe even better than my first one!

If anyone's flying from Gatwick let me know as it's always nice to know who my fellow Exodus travellers are if we're on the same flight etc.




Hi, Elizabeth

Please to make contact with somesone else who's on this trip, & flying out of Gatwick.

L:ike you, it now is feeling close, & increasingly exciting: really looking forward to it. Am beginning  to think about the practicalities of suitable clothes etc, & reading more about the island

Haven't travelled with Exodus before, so pleased to hear of your good experience in Thailand

Hope to hear fraom you again



Looking forwards to the trip - we are flying from Gatwick and its under three weeks now!  And won't it be good to feel a little sunshine on the skin after this cold grey winter.

Had an excellent trip to Uzbekhistan with Exodus some 4 years ago.

 See you soon



Hi Elizabeth, JillT & Cynthia

This time two weeks we will be in the air and on our way to sun, moijita's and lots of Che.  I have never travelled with Exodus before but I have friends who have and reallly enjoyed the experience.  See you all on the 20th.


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