CVT - Tatra Winter Activity Week Departing 5th Feb

Anyone going on the Tatra Activity week on 5th Feb???...  

I'm a newbie to Exodus.... 




I've booked for the same week and am really looking forward to it. This will be my second trip with Exodus as I went on the Mont Blanc Winter Activity week earlier this year.


Hi Guys,

im booked onto that week too, there are 2 of us coming along and we are both really looking forward to it- especially the husky mushing.

i have never been with exodus before but i my girlfriend has done. they sound really organised and helpful.

do you guys have any past winter sports experience? we can both ski down hill proficiently but we have never tried cross country or any of the other stuff.


Hey, I'm booked on with nick (above) - second trip with exodus, last one was Peru so a little bit different! He lied about my ability to ski, I can stay upright and just about stop if necessary, practice needed before Feb!!

My third Exodus trip, Romania and Corsica the others - all great fun. I have snowshoed a couple of times before and am really looking forward to the mushing and sledding. I have enjoyed two other winter holidays in the Tatras with another group and the scenery is spectacular.

Kevin S.


Hi, Im Sarah and im booked up for the winter activity week in Feb with my friend Susanne. (We are in the pic together!!!) Im the ginger one!! This is my first activity week and im really excited about it! Had my first snowboarding lesson today and it went really well so going to get practicing untill Feb! Hope to get to get to know you all before we go! Cant wait to go dog slediding and snow walking! Hope to hear from you!


I am thinking of doing a bit of Snowboarding before I go to, I have done some Ski-ing when I was a bit younger, but I haven't done any of the other activities on this trip so snow-boarding instead of ski-ing sounds like a plan.


i think kate and i will be getting a few sessons in before we head out there, it will have to be Xscape in castleford or chill factor though. is anybody else taking thier own ski/board boots or is everyone hiring kit out there?

on the past winter activity trips i have been on the kit was available to hire and more often than not included in price and so I am taking walking boots and winter hiking gear.
Kevin S.


Hello all. Looking forward to meeting you in February. I have never skied or snow shoed before, just a bit of mountaineering. I have been to the low Tatra before but not the high. First Exodus trip. Bit worried about all this talk of practicing. Cheers, paul


Hi!  I've also booked for this trip.  It will be my first holiday with Exodus, so I am a little nervous, but I look forward to meeting you all.  I haven't skied for a long time, and have never snow shoed or done any cross country skiing, hopefully I'll be able to keep up!  Rosie


Hi all, i'm also booked for this trip, it will be my first trip with Exodus. The only thing i'm nervous about is the airport when we get there. Have had a few ski lessons but they prob don't compare to the real thing! I cant wait im so excited and look forward to meeting you all, see you there! Kat


I am really looked forward to this trip and first time with exodus cant wait to feb. It should be awesome holiday and will be great meeting you all.



Hi everyone! Not long untill the holiday now! getting really excited about it now! Really looking forward to it. Im going a bit mad on the spending at the moment by getting my own snowboarding boots! lol! I enjoy the sport so i will be keeping it up after the trip anyway. So i will be bringing them along in Feb. Beats having to stick your feet into the hire boots! Haha! I normally do that at xscape anyway! Is anyone else taking their own boots or am i just mental carring all this stuff! You will see me on the plane with about 50 layers on so i can keep my luggage weight down! lol! Does anyone know what its going to be like after we finish the activities thro the day? What do we do at night? And also how much money do you think we need to take? I do realise that there are hardly any shops but i dont want to get caught short!!!!

hmmm well 1 place left and im thinking about booking it! was gona go in search of some winter sun but this looks a laugh! wouldnt even know how to put a ski on let alone steer them but im sure i can find a sledge if i do book up! watch this space!


I noticed an extra place came available and I booked it. I'm new to Exodus but this holiday looked fun - much better than lazing in the sun. I last went skiing when I was 11 which was 18 years ago, so it remains to be seen if I can still do it!


I'm a relatively late addition to the trip, booked just before Christmas. Also new to Exodus. First skiing lesson yesterday which I really enjoyed and somehow managed not to fall over! Looking forward to meeting you all, not long to go!


Just wondering how much money people are planning on taking? Trying to work out what I might be spending it on! Can't believe we're only a few weeks away.


Looking at the trip notes:

* Evening meal €7 to €15 *7

* Lunch €5 to €10 *6 (1 meal included)

* Drinks - Beer €1 and € 2, bottle of wine €9 to €12

* Ski hire €11 per day

* Ski lesson - €12 per hour

* Ski pass - €14. 6 per day 

* Thermal pools - 35 PLN

* Minibus transfers if we want to go to anther town for dinner

As there's an ATM in the town I'll just get out small amounts of cash as I go along and use a credit card where possible.

I've noticed the flight time of 6:00am and am not very happy about it! I've booked into the yotel in the terminal to maximise sleep!
Has everyone worked out what gear they're going to bring? Winter activity trousers are my main omission at the moment. I'm taking hiking boots (just bought some new ones - I needed them anyway) but not ski boots which I will hire.


Hi, I also wasn't over the moon about the flight time and im also booked into a hotel in the terminal so that i manage to get some sleep. Im gonna change some money here mostly euro's and also take a card just for back up. Im not really packing ski gear, but i have gone out and got two pairs of winter ski trousers. Im going to hire out anything else i need when im there. Can't wait not long, im so excited.


I'm also staying at the airport Friday night to maximise sleep time as I got a good deal at the Hilton.  I've just got to make sure I don't oversleep!   I'm taking mainly Euros and will take my card just in case.  Last year on a similar holiday I took waterproof trousers, gaiters and sallopettes so I'll do the same this year.  I haven't got any ski gear so will hire all that.  I've done a bit of skiing but fancy giving snowboarding a try.  I'm really looking forward to it now and to meeting everyone.  See you all in a few weeks.


I'm getting a late train and will arrive at Gatwick airport in the early hours, so I will get hardly any sleep!  I'm hoping the excitement will get me through the sleep deprivation!  I'm planning to take €100 and then get more when I'm out there, I've got the ski wear as I've been before, many years ago!  I'm looking forward to meeting you all, it should be fun.  See you all soon.


I'm also going to be travelling down on the Friday and staying in a hotel, otherwise it would be no sleep for me! As there are a few of us doing this, anyone fancy meeting up somewhere in the evening for a pre-holiday drink? (Won't be a late night given the flight time!)


Hey, yeah im up for meeting for a drink the night before as it would be nice to recognise someone on the plane, just let us know where and when!


Yes I'd like to meet up for a drink on Friday evening.  It'll also stop me from getting bored in my hotel room.  Not long to go now!


There isn't much in the way of places for a drink in the airport that I can find online. There's a cafe Nero or Costa coffee. Costa Coffee is right next to the hotel where i'm staying so would work for me!

For those of you getting there on Friday, you can check in after 20:00 the day before the flight.


Great. How about we say outside the main entrance to the Hilton Hotel at about 7.45pm? That way it should be easy to find each other and away from all the people in the airport. Guess we can always decide where to go from there.

And so you know who to look for, I have blondish hair and will be wearing a dark purple ski jacket!


Hi everyone.  First time I have posted anything on here as I have been away with work for a while, but back now.  I too am on the trip and will be staying over at the Hilton Hotel on the Friday, travelling down from Telford, Shropshire.  Looking forward to the trip and more than happy to meet up on the Friday eve for a pre-holiday chat/drink.  My mobile is 07890 535 176.  The main entrance of the hotel at 7:45pm sounds perfect.

Kind regards Richard 



Hi outside the Hilton entrance at 7.45pm sounds great. Il be wearing a black ski jacket with a red and white stripe, so i should be able to spot! Really excited only a couple of days to go, can't wait see you friday night.



Nick and I won't be there til late fri/early sat so we'll prob not be meeting for drinks :(  Can't wait though, see you all at check-in!!




Not sure when I'll leave work but I'll either meet you outside the Hilton or give Richard a call later. I'll attach the exodus luggage strap to my bag.


Unfortunately, I definitely won't be able to meet up tonight, but I look forward to meeting you all very soon.  Really excited now!!


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