CXQ Cross-country skiing Ramsau departing 26/02/2011

I would like to make contact with other sociable lang loafers before departure, to while away the endless hours of waiting in an airport departure lounge with anecdotes of trips past and other scintillating conversation.  No previous experience required, but it does help.

I have had about ten cross country skiing holidays with Waymark. I would be alright as a XC skiier if I could just get my ski tips to get a little closer when my legs are far apart. I am nearly always given skis which are too long for me to control, which I take back to the shop the following day and exchange for the shortest pair they will let me have.  The the rest of the holiday is fun

Will we be visiting the Loden factory again?  It's so hard skkiing uphill in a large green overcoat.

None.  I hope this will change

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