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Hi there,

I have never been skiing before apart from on the dry slope!  I look forward to meeting everyone in the group.



I will be there as well.

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Hi there, just booked on. Did a beginners course last year and loved it so giving it another go this coming winter. Catherine


In an attempt to get some ski legs I have been having lessons at the Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead (real indoor snow). It is much better than the dry slope!


I am really a beginner. I am not sure what to prepare, physically and clothes, equipment. It would be good to meet our group. Besides, it is also a good way to build some team spirit:)




I will be at the Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead on Monday November 29th for the afternoon if our group wishes to meet up.  Personally, I feel the lessons have helped get me past the first bruised hip stage of learning to trust and work with the skis.  As far as clothes go, I have been using my light windproof cycling jacket and full finger winter cycling gloves, fleece lined waterproof trousers and a neck Buff, with a techical t-shirt and merino jumper underneath.  I have purchased some downhill ski boots from the Ski and Snowboard Show at Olympia recently that I will take on the trip. Also had custom fitted insoles made at the show that may be removed and placed inside the cross-country boots to assist with my pronation issues!


We last went to Trins in 2004 as complete novices so it will be interesting to revisit the place and see if we can do a full day this time! It is hard work but great fun once you get the glide right.


Hi, there

 Sorry I missed your message. If you plan to go to hempstead again in the mid of Jan, please let me know. I would like to come with you.

 my email address:[email protected]


Thanks for the link to the loipe map - it makes it all more real.   Am currently struggli gwith tendonitis in my foot which has put an end to my training - just hoping it clears up before the trip.   Happy Christmas!


There seems to be no snow left at Trins and none forecast this coming week, so I wondered what we will be doing instead! Had I better pack walking boots and poles and waterproofs instead of ski gear I wonder...oh dear. Still it could have been a lot worse going to Tunisia or Sri Lanka or Brazil or Queensland, so best not to worry nor complain.

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