Cycle Indochina & Angkor: March 23rd - 6th April 2014

We are booked up to this trip, anyone else going?? Hopefully we can share some trip info before going. What to pack, injections, visas needed etc.


Hi, my husband I are booked on this trip, have you investigated innoculations yet? Our practice nurse advised us to have just about everything today but then admitted to not being a trained travel nurse.

Have you been advised to have innoculations for rabies, an accelerated course for hep B and japanese encephalitis? The cost including malaria tablets is in the region of £600 each. It would be really helpful to know if you are given simillar advice as we do not want to have unecessary costly innoculations.

Really looking forward to the trip, it will be our first cycling holiday. 


Yes, the dr's recommended Hep A (mine was up to date from a previous trip) Tetanus, Typhoid, and malaria if we were staying overnight near any 'hot spots'. She said that Rabies is a bit pointless and that you are better off getting the jab immediately after getting bit(if you are unlucky). Hepatitis B is recommended if you are planning on swapping bodily fluids with others.

I was fortunate that my Dr's surgery(NHS) were offering certain jabs free, so had Tetanus and Typhoid.
With regards to malaria I haven't decided yet? The best is Malarone (least side effects) but most expensive. However an asda pharmacy can prescribe this, and if you ask for generic malarone it's cheaper than the GSK branded version. For this trip 23 tablets are needed, 2 before you go, 1 daily when we are there and then 1 daily for 7 days after our return.from what I can see they are about £2.40 a tablet so a course is going to be around £54 mark.

However I have been informed from a close friend who's a pharmaceutical rep who travels to India a lot, not to bother? As it can be treated on your return home if you are unlucky enough to get bit by a carrying mosquito.

Also don't forget your Vietnam visa! It needs to be obtained prior to your trip, it's £62 all in!
The Cambodia visa is obtained at the Thai / Cambodia border apparently for round about $20

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