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I am Phil , just taken cycling up again & I am going on this trip on 8/3/2014 with my son Pete  an experienced cyclist. What preparation are other people doing in particular re the climbs - 21km is mentioned in the trip notes. Hope to here from any fellow travellers .

I am Phil , just taken cycling up again & I am going on this trip on 8/3/2014 with my son Pete an experienced cyclist. What preparation are people undertaking particularly re the climbs  - I see there is a 21km ascent mentioned in the trip notes. - Hope to here from you idc.


Hi there Phil, my name is Gaby and I am also going on the same trip.  It's my first cycling holiday and I have never been to Morocco, so I am so looking forward to it. I also look forward to meeting you and your son.  Seeing your post jolted my memory that there was this daunting 21km climb, although it is not clear to me what gradient it is.  To be honest if it is gradual it doesn't really concern me to much.  I suppose I haven't made any specific plans for preparing for this ride, just to carry on doing what I currently do.  Which is a twice weekly 14 mile round trip commute to work.  I only work part time, so I also cycle out alone mid week and will do about 30 miles once, maybe twice a week if I can't get out with my local CTC at weekends.  However, I do intend to gradually increase my distances up to 50 miles as I get closer to March and then do this distance 2-3 days in a row to prepare for the longer riding days at the start of the holiday.  I think my primary concern is to maintain my cycling throughout the winter and at least retain my level of fitness.  Locally there are plenty of hills I go up and down, but none anywhere near as long as 21km, so I feel I can't wholly prepare for this situation.  I just hope that we do not have long periods of snow or icy weather to prevent me riding out and maintaining and hopefully improving upon my current fitness levels.  I used to go running until 4 months ago, but aggravated my achilles, so I am hoping to start again soon and that should help.  Otherwise I am not worrying about it too much, yet!

Thanks Gaby, it looks like you are already cycling a lot - I am up to 50 miles over a weekend from a nil start in November & intend to try to  achieve a similar goal to you, say 50 miles a day for 3 days in a row by March.

What speed do you ride ( ie average mph)  - Iam currently at 13mph on mixed terrain using an hybrid bike which will hopefully be similar to the one in Morocco. It would help me to know for training purposes.

Hope to hear from you idc & look forward to meeting you in March. 


Hi Phil, I think in the short time you have been cycling you have made very good progress and your average mph is impressive to be honest, when I commute to work I typically do 13-14mph average and I put some effort into it to be honest (I could make excuses, it's early, I'm still waking up) but you should be happy with where you are at, I would.  I use a road bike with compact gears when I am out for pleasure and can average about 15-16mph, again with (a lot of) effort. I think though that stamina rather than speed will come into this ride, the distances we will be doing will be spread out over a good part of the day I imagine and there may well be a bit of stop start to take in views and sightsee etc...  So opportunities to catch your breath and recover a bit.  I think the bikes we will be offered for hire are Trek Mountain Bikes, so it will be triple ring and it will make riding up hills that bit easier.  Keep it up Phil and it will be a breeze.

Hi Gaby, thanks for the input I also think stamina will be key & hence the need to put in the effort. It does appear there will plenty of time for sightseeing etc but still its c 40/50 miles a day.

Pete, my son, wonders if you use cleats & would you be taking them.(Neither of us use them at present) I understand the bikes dont have them but they will fit them if taken.


Hi there, yes I do use SPD cleats and will be bringing a set of pedals I learnt to clip in with, they are flat one side and clip in on the other.  You find that once you get into clipless pedals and then ride with flat pedals you forget to pull the pedal up with your foot to push off and get quite confused, certainly I did. That is the only reason why I am bringing them.  Also the SPD cleats recess into the shoes so I can walk easily in them. I will also bring my own saddle and some chamoix cream in the hope I can keep discomfort at bay!!

Thanks again for the info, I find a gel seat helps.!!

Have a great Christmas & Happy New Year & I will no doubt keep in touch in the new year if I think of anything else & to see how the training is going.


Thank you very much.  Wishing you a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year too Phil.  Yes we must keep in touch in the new year to see how we are getting on. I am sure we will have other questions to ask of each other as the date gets closer.  'Til then bye for now. 


Hi Phil, hopefully you will get this message.  Hope you had a good new year.  Well 4 weeks to go and I am finding it hard to contain my excitement for this trip, so looking forward to it and some warm weather to be honest.  Was wondering how your preparations were going and how you are coping with the horrid weather we have been experiencing for the last month or so. I think I have been lucky and able to get out about 3 times per week, although 2 of those are when I commute to work in the week. Although  I haven't been able to increase my distances in the gradual way I had hoped and it seems unlikely at the moment that I will reach my preferred target of 50 miles on two consecutive days. The weather is either wet, windy or cold or all three, making riding for more than a couple of hours, no matter how well wrapped up you are, a chore to be honest (as much as I love cycling). I had considered a couple of weeks ago joing a local gym to try and get into a few spin classes, but with it being winter they really are oversubscribed so I left it too late really.   So I shall just persevere with the weather and hope for the best. It could be a lot worse I could be living in Somerset and get no chance of cycling at all, that would have been a distaster. Bye for now.

Hi Gaby, I received the  joining instructions from Exodus yesterday which made me realise how close we are to travelling to the sunshine.( Weather in Morocco looks good per BBC website) Like you not yet reached the 50 mile goal as the weather has been so poor, I live in Cheshire and it doesnt seem to have stopped raining for weeks. I have managed 2 rides each weekend,on separate days, one for say 2.5 hours & the other for 1.5 hours, so say a total of c 55miles , which I hope has increased my stamina. I also walk approx 50 miles per week which should help. Will keep trying to improve & keep in touch . Phil.

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