Cycle Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama

Hi, a thread for anyone else going on this exciting sounding trip!


Hi Johnny, I'm going. Just paid the final installment today and looking forward to the trip and escaping a cold Jan in the UK!


Cannot wait! I'm just trying to fit some training in at the moment- getting soaking wet on my bike is becoming far too regular!



I am also booked on this trip – just wondering how much training everyone else is managing to get in with the winter weather and Christmas.


What with the weather and Christmas I am not getting in anything like the mileage I would prefer - hope the party is not made up of tough nuts doing hundreds of miles a week and expecting the rest of us to whizz along at 20mph all day.

Dont like the sound of the security check delays at Heathrow  - our flight CO35 was 3 hours late on Monday and half that yesterday. However the stopover in Houston is nearly 5 hours so its unlikely we will miss the connection.

And finally but one, who is taking malaria pills? The online advice is massively conflicting. We think we will risk it.

And finally, dont forget your electronic travel authority!




I have also been looking into malaria tablets.  Have checked with my GP, it seems like parts of the tip are in malaria risk areas.  Ometepe Island in Nicaragua, a bit of the Caribbean coast in Costa Rica (as stated in the trip notes) and a bit of Panama.  Depending on the tablets you have to take them for 7 days after leaving the risk area so it would be basically the whole trip.  Fortunately I have some tablets left from a previous trip which are suitable so will be taking them (I also have a friend who managed to catch malaria in Africa – and defiantly would not recommend risking it).


Yellow fever is also an issue in some parts of Panama “with vaccination recommended if travelling to the following provinces Comarca Embera, Darien, Yala and east of the Canal Zone excluding the Canal Zone. Panama City and San Blas Islands”  I don’t think that we go to these areas but have not been able to find some of these provinces on the map.  I have also rung exodus who assured me that the trip notes would be correct and if it was not listed it is not needed on this trip  


Hi.  Look forward to meeting you all and escaping the cold for a couple of weeks on what sounds to be a great trip.  I've decided to go with the malaria tablets as prefer to play safe.  From what I could find out I'm not worrying about Yellow Fever either though if anyone is travelling further south of Panama after we finish I think they may need to check out requirements.  Anyone know how many of us there will be?  If anyone is travelling up from the Southampton area and wants to share transport let me know.  Cheers, Roger


Hi everyone

As I drove to work this morning with an outside air  temp of -7C, I am so looking forward to this trip and some warmer weather. Sounds like we are all in the same boat in terms of last minute training - too cold/wet/icy! Looking forward to meeting you all either on the flight or when we get there.


Hi Everyone,

 I am not getting much training done either due to the inclement weather conditions.

Hi Roger, I notice you are travelling to the airport from Southampton. I would like to share a lift if possible, I live in Petersfield, give me a call 01730 302260.

Best Wishes


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