Cycling the Baltics 13th -23rd July

With just over a month to go, I was wondering who else is booked on this trip?  I'm booked on a ladies Cycletta at Woburn at the end of the month so will get a bit of practice in then.




Love to travel, particularly out of the U.S. and to faraway, off-the-beaten-path places. Have also enjoyed a number of challenging group horse trips overseas. Outdoor activities include running, biking, horse riding and downhill skiing.


I clicked too soon.  You may disregard previous message (or not).  I am on the Baltics trip, travelling from Washington D.C.  Looking forward to the cycling and visits to the historically significant cities and natural surroundings.  Others in the group please join in.


Hi Dan,

Thanks for the message - it looks like you'll get off the beaten path on this trip.  

Looking forward to meeting everyone.



B Cooper

I have also booked on this comprehensive tour to the Baltic states. I am not a keen cyclist in that I do not go out for long rides on Sundays but only use the bike around the City although I have been doing some training recently but do not expect to be able to keep up with the enthusiastic cyclists on this trip and may result in having to use the back up vehicle.  We have just had two ex-railway tunnels opened for cycling and I have been using that route which has a considerable gradient for training.

It should be an excellent trip although someone I was talking to last week did say that you should be on your guard against petty thieving. He lost a camera in Riga.

Who is flying out on the Finnair fligt from LHR? I am staying overnight at the Heathrow Travelodge and will look out for any fellow passengers at check-in.



I think you'll be fine Barry - anyone who has done any training at all will be able to avoid the bus.  The office said it was a reasonably flat trip. 

I'm going from Heathrow on the Finnair flight but just getting there in the morning. 


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