Cycling the Cape and Winelands

Hello! Scott from London here, looking forward to going on this trip with my girlfriend Cat. Anyone else going? And, um, are others very amateur cyclists like we are? Those hills and that wind should make it fun! Still a month to go, hoping to manage a bit more cycling practice than wine drinking practice in that time...

Hi Scott & Cat, I'm Charlotte from West London and I am going on this trip too.  I am a very amateur cyclist and have not done anywhere near enough cycling to get ready for this trip.  So I will probably be last everyday!  I am looking forward to the wine tasting though and hopefully seeing loads of wildlife.  Going to try to take a few nice photos as long as I can still hold my camera steady after a day of cycling!  Cya both at the hotel on the Saturday!


Hi Charlotte - look forward to seeing you there! 

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