Cycling the Cape and Winelands


Looking foward to meting my felow cyclists!

Hi Laura,

My husband, Philip, and I will be joining you too.    We are looking forward to meeting the group and enjoying the South African sunshine.   It's good to hear that there is someone else out there!

See you in Cape Town....Gail 




I'm joining you too, I'm very excited, the trip looks amazing, not long now, five weeks on Friday, not that I'm counting!. I'm not on the group flight but will be arriving an hour after you all, hopefully I won't be lagging behind on my bike.

Looking forward to meeting.

Best Wishes



Hi everyone,

That makes 5 of us I think? When I booked a few months ago the trip was getting full with a nice balance of ages and singles/couples. I've done a couple of 3-4 day cycle trips before but nothing this sort of distance - it will be nice to have someone else carrying the luggage :-)

See you in a few weeks





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