cycling cuba

Would be interested to hear from any other travellers who are on this trip


Is there a departure on the 12th, I am going on the one starting on the 5th of December and I thought the next one left for Christmas?


Hi Dave, Maggie and other Cuba destination travellers,

I'm heading out on the Dec.12 trip as well, Dave.  Very excited about it.  I've wanted to go to Cuba for a long while now and had plans before but my compass always pointed to Central America or Mexico instead.

Although I love the snow, a sun break in the middle of winter is a welcomed adventure.  I live on an island in NorthWest Canada called Haida Gwaii.  We are a remote community with one traffic light on the island and no fast food restaurants.

Where do you live?


Hey Haida Gwaii, we're from Smithers! What are the odds of finding another person from our little corner of the world on the same trip:))  Even though we have a few more traffic lights and a handful of fastfood restaurants, still, we're a pretty small community. Looking forward to meeting you in a few short weeks...and looking forward to Christmas in a warm climate.



Paula and Brett Webber


Hi' looking forward to meeting everyone in a few weeks time, for some warm weather cycling and maybe a few mojito  cocktail 

Cheers Dave 


Here in Gatineau (just across the bridge from Ottawa), the ground is covered with snow and we're all getting into the holiday spirit...except ME and I assume all of you. How can we knowing we'll be in tropical weather in less than a week.  This will be my first trip to Cuba and it's been a while since I've travelled outside of Canada...just getting my passport on Tuesday (a bit too close for comfort!). Looking forward to meeting you all very soon. Hasta luego!

Au plaisir,

Hossay (well I think that's how my name is pronounced in Spanish)  




Wow, that is amazing!  Couple of folks from our corner of the world on the same tour.

The snow is all gone here on the coast but the rain has set in.  I've got about 5 cuba travel books on my night stand to distract me from the weather here.  Trinidad sounds lovely with the colonial buildings and I love hearing about revolutionary stories so I'll enjoy Santiago. 

I'm flying into Veradero in the morning of Dec 12, then I've got to head to Havana to meet up with the group.  Does anyone know the name of the hotel in Havana that we're meeting at?





Holà Juanita,

Not sure we're on the same page or trip because my voyage start date is Dec. 5th. I have the Occidental Miramar as the hotel for our stay, but you should double check of course.







Jaunita, we're arriving in the afternoon on the 12th and according to joining inst, here's where we stay the first night:

Hotel Occidental Miramar, Quinta Avenida 72 y 76, Miramar, Ciudad de La Habana, Havana, Cuba - Tel: 0053 7 20 43 584

 cheers from Smithers


Thanks Paula, Brett and Josee,

I just got the trip info as well and your right, Hotel Occeidental Miramar it is.  I checked it out and the hotel has a great list of services including a massage which would be nice at the end of the trip.

there's a fella in town here that did a similar trip with a group in Cuba but had a hard time finding enough food to eat, he said.  He recommends bringing a box of power bars.  Seems a little funny not being about to find enough food and I do have some spanish to rely on but just in case, I'll be bringing some Power bars.


I'm sure there were only one or two posts last time I checked.  Under a week to go and I'm really looking forward to some Cuban sunshine and hospitality.  I'm travelling from Gatwick on the 12th, but have booked my Virgin flights separately, so if I don't spot any Exodus luggage labels or cycle helmets at Gatwick, I'm sure I'll catch you all on the other side in Havana.

Look forward to hearing about North West Canada.

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