Cycling Cuba at Christmas/New Year

Hi Folks,

Would be great to hear from anyone else who is cycling Cuba over the Christmas/New Year period.





We're doing the earlier departure, Dec 12, and would like to hear from others on that trip as well. Very excited about seeing Cuba this way. Wondering tho, if I should bother taking my laptop. I know there's wifi in Havana, but other parts of the country likely not. Any thoughts on that?



Hi, I'm also joining the 12th December departure for Cuba.  Extremely excited about seeing the sights on a bicycle, not to mention meeting the people.  On the laptop front, having travelled with Exodus in the past, they do tend to reach the true heart of the country where the real people live, so I don't imagine you'll find WiFi extensively available and despite the crime rate being low, it's just something else to worry about.  Very much your call I suppose.  I'm hoping for a nice sociable group, so with a bit of luck, the company will be so good, that you won't even have time to get the laptop out  :0)


Good call....we did a similar to NZ and SA, and didn't bother. I think I'll leave my computer at home...just one less thing to worry about especially being out in the countryside. We're really excited about the trip, and hoping its a sociable group too...after all that's what these trips are all about. Looking forward to meeting you.




Hi Bren

Im joining you in Cuba.  Cant wait to go somewhere hot after this miserable cold weather we are having.  Look forward to meeting you - Gatwick on 26th maybe?


Hi Camilla,

Lovely to hear from someone else on the trip. I'm not actually booked on the group flight, but I did somehow manage to get a ticket on the same plane though, so I'll also be at Gatwick on the 26th. Really looking forward to the trip now and meeting the rest of the group. Have you done many cycling trips before? A friend of mine did this trip last year and really enjoyed it. She suggested bringing a bottle of tabasco sauce though to pep the food up a bit, as I believe it's fairly bland?!




great tip thanks will do! 

Another great tip would be to hire yourself a set of huskies & sledge......apparently more snow on the way down south Monday afternoon, Thursday & small flurries on Saturday?! Hopefully I'll see you at Gatwick on the 26th? :)


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