Cycling Cuba, departing 14-Mar-10

Any fellow intrepid cyclists/explorers joining this trip?

D-day is fast approaching and I'm well excited, anybody else?




I'll be joining you.

Should be good fun, provided I don't end up riding in the truck the whole time. Need to get outside and do some training, but its too cold!


Hi Martiin,

Nice to hear from you.  I hope you get chance to get out on your bike and limber up in time!  I've also been a bit blase about cycle training...although my fitness level otherwise is OK. Hmmmm, hope we don't adopt the pained 'John Wayne' gait after the first 70km.

Look forward to meeting you in Cuba, you flying from Gatwick?



I'll be pleased if I can walk at all after 70k! Yep flying from Gatwick, luckily I live in the south of England so no transfers. You?


Hi Martin and Cazza808

Know what you mean about the cold and training! looking forward to the trip though and cant wait to get out in the sunshine. I'll be travelling from Gatwick too.

Only a week to go!


Hola Katie/Martin,

I'm travelling with a friend Sarah, we are both flying from Gatwick.  4 peeps is almost a posee in my book! 

What are you guys doing about currency?

V.v.v.v excited.


Hola Chicas,

I'm taking pounds in cash and a credit card for emergencies, as the guidebooks say not to rely on travellers cheques or ATMs.

Good one Martin, I'll do the same.


Hey Guys

Me too, been warned off dollars. The weather is turbulent at the moment but I'm expecting 25 - 30 degrees. Is this what you've heard?



Hi I'm a bit late posting this and only just got round to reading the pack! Me and my boyf will be joining you on the trip so that's definitley 6 of us. I think there are 14 in total and we should all be on the same flight on Sunday - can't wait although not sure about the descent on day 12!

Oh blimey, it's all going a bit Pete Tong/tits up.  My poor friend has just found out she is not well enough to travel so will completely miss out on our Cuba cycling extravaganza :-((

I will be at Gatwick by hook or by crook though.  Look forward to meeting you guys soon.


about your friend Cazza - although after tonight I'm beginning to think an pre-trip accident might be a good idea for my boyfriend!

See you all Sunday


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