Cycling Cuba - MAH

Anyone else doing this trip?


Hi, yes I'm doing this one, although I was having second thoughts while out cycling through the English fog and frost this morning! I'm sure it's easier in the sunshine though! Gerry

Hi Gerry - I'm sure it will be slightly warmer than the current UK conditions! I'm a bit nervous as I don't cycle regularly these days, although I did an exodus cycling holiday a few years ago and have been religiously going to spin classes for the last few months. Can't wait for some sunshine and of course the mojitos, if nothing else!


Hiya. Me and my friend sheila are going on this trip. Sheila is an avid cyclist and is even taking her own bike. I'm an amateur cyclist and will be hiring a bike there. I've been going to spin. Worried about having a sore butt early on and having to walk up the steep bits. I've resolved to jump in the back of the support van if I need a rest. My bet is I'll be the least able of the group - which I don't mind - so relax!

Hi there, good to hear I won't be the only one at the back of the bunch on the steep bits! I'm fairly fit but I know that means nothing unless you actually cycle regularly! Last time I did an Exodus cycling holiday I managed all but one day in the van when I was actually ill, but that was the hardest day so not sure how I would have coped with the hills! I had a sore butt from day one though, even with an unscheduled rest day mid-week! One thing I can recommend is a really good pair of cycling shorts (try them out on a bike first, even if only in the gym). They make all the difference. I'm also trying out, for the first time ever, some lube to see if that helps (I got this one as it had such good reviews, but they all do the same job really) - so no doubt you will all find out what I think of it during the trip!


Hiya to fellow cyclists. These are the 3 amigo who did a trip last year to Vietnam and Cambodia. We all got back but not without incident! I'm the one in the middle, Dave is on the left (bad back) Simon is on the right (looking like a dodgy boy scout). We are being joined by Ron and Duncan ( father and son ). Already got sudocream ready and the back treatment for Dave. Anything for a bit of sun and fun.

Cheers to all 

Dawn Lawrence

Notice you hail from Sheffield. I live out in the Hope Valley - look forward to meeting you. Dawn

Hi Dawn. Cool - are you flying from Gatwick on the group flight? Given all the airport and airline issues recently, I decided to bite the bullet and go from Gatwick (ugh) rather than make my own way (I normally fly from Manchester out of preference). I'm going down to Gatwick the night before we fly out.


Hope everyone's recovered from the trip - has anyone got Laz's email address? I forgot to get it off him. Also as soon as Mrs Mad can send round the email list, I'll send out the poem (or find me on facebook (see my profile here for details of my fb page) - the poem and some pics are there too, although the pics aren't that exciting).


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