Cycling Cuba - MAH 25th October

So who is signed up for the Cycling Cuba trip? I booked up this weekend and am very excited. 

This will be my second trip with Exodus having done the Tropical India and Kerala tour with them last year. It was superb. I met quite a few people who'd done this Cuba ride and really recommended it.

I've not been to Cuba before so once again this seemed to be a great way to see it. Nothing beats the interaction you get on a bike with the locals. Let's hope the kids in Cuba can't slap your arse as hard as the Indian kids as you cycle by. If they smile anywhere near as much it will be an absolute pleasure.

So I'm Nic, a 40 something project manager/finance bod working in the IT industry.  More on me can be found at the following link including a flavour of last year's trip.  

Hi Nic

Myself (stephanie) and my husband (Paul) are booked on this trip, and I'm really excited.  Its our first cycling holiday but Cuba has been on our wish list for ages and it seems the perfect way to see the Island.

We live in Essex and run a tourism business, I'm 48 and Paul is 54.  Are you hiring a bike in Cuba or taking your own ?  We went for the first option, but a bit worried about covering the miles on a mountain bike as opposed to our road hybrids.

Look forward to meeting you

Hi Stephanie

I live in Cambridge but love to bomb about in my camper van when I can. I work either at home or in London. 

You'll be fine with their bikes, I've also hired one, talking your own would be a nightmare. I did their India trip last year and everyone used their bikes and I don't see any reason why you wouldn't. The pace of the cycling will mean we'll all be fine on mountain bikes. I'll take my own saddle and clip in pedals and shoes but most people didn't even bother doing that last year. They'll be lots of stops, photo opportunities and fun to be had so you'll not even notice the bike. The advantage is if anything goes wrong they fix it, not that we had any major problems last year.

I'm excited about it too. I want to get Cuba in before it changes for ever. Plus I do like a Mojito!

I'm sure it's going to be a fabulous trip. No just the matter of the 6 weeks of work to get out of the way.

I ook forward to meeting you and the other intrepid cyclists. 





Hello Stephanie, Paul & Nic, not long now. We are  Nigel (40 something) & Ann (21), I know lucky me!  We read with interest your comments & look forward to meeting you.  We have used Exodus several times before & always found them great.  We have been fortunate having been able to travel to various countries throughout the World but this will be our first visit to Cuba.  Our trip last year was Kerala, I guess travellers tend to follow the same routes around the World & agree the school children were fantastic, as was the food, which has not been sold as exciting in Cuba.  Well only one week of work to go, Passports, tickets, money, credit/debit card, sun cream, bug juice & by all accounts a good sense of humour!  

 Mojitos here we come J

Guess we,ll meet at the real departure lounge or the plane. Paul is tanned looking (working outdoors and Mediterranean blood) and I have two tone hair . Still not convinced I,ve got my underwear sorted out , what does Ann recommend ? Friend says nappy rash cream is a must !
Really looking forward to some amazing countryside, art deco buildings and the music.


Hi Steph, we live way up North so flying Newcastle to Amsterdam, then onto Havana.  We have never used nappy rash cream & cycled some long distances but wouldn't rule it out.  As for underwear, I don't wear any but have paddied shorts.  Ann says whatever you usually wear will be fine.  I'm sure it's going to be an amazing trip, even the weather.  Looking forward to meeting you both.  10 more sleeps :-)

Hi all,

Not so sure about nappy cream. I have a tub of Assoss chamois cream a friend recommended. It's antibacterial and supposed to sooth. To be honest I've done long rides with it and without and never had any real issues. No double dipping! Steph just make sure you have some decent cycling shorts. I love Altura Pro Gel ones and have a few pairs. Not too expensive but great. If you've got a saddle you like take it.

I'll be on the Gatwick Virgin flight, at least I think that was where it was from, better check! Well I will be as long as I make it back from Scotland after work on Wednesday. Don't let me down EasyJet. Not sure I fancy you're route Nigel.

I'm really looking forward to it and meeting you all. Not long now.


Hi Nic, Steph & Paul,  only 7 sleeps to go before freedom & the open road.  Our flights are usually from Newcastle since it's a 6-7 hour drive to London.  It's not bad on the way out but don't like flying over the UK on the way home only to fly back again 3 hours later.  We had intended taking a Salsa lesson before our trip but it never happened, hope somebody can teach us.  Looking forward to the free time in Trinidad, love the beach when the waters warm.  Happy holidays here we come !


Cuba here we come !

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