Cycling Indochina & Angkor - 21/09/13 - Anyone else going on this trip?

Just signed up for this trip (dates wrong on the last post) - anyone else out there going?



Hi Mark,

 I signed up last week.  Looking forward to it!



I also believe that I was the 7th to book....

Hi Jim,

Sheena and I are spending three days in Bangkok beforehand. Can 


Hi Mark, not all of your message came through? 

I arrive in Bangkok in the evening of the 21st from memory.


Hi Jim,

No idea why!!! 

Sheena and I are spending three days in Bangkok beforehand. Can't wait! We arrive on the 19th.



Have you done any cycling tours before? I have only done a day tour.

Was in Vietnam last year and did a day cycling tour, was blown away with the places & sites we visited... Something the normal tour groups wouldn't experience! That lead me to this tour.

Hi - there are 7 of us coming from NZ. Arriving in Bangkok on the 21st Sept. 4 weeks to go and all of us pretty excited!


Great. Can't wait to meet you. We're from the UK, by the way.

Is never enough so I'm told but we plan to make the most of the time we have there. Arrive mid morning on the 21st. The gender mix of our group is 5 females, 2 males. 5 of us mountainbike together in Auckland every Sat - anticipating this will be completely different to what we are used to - not to mention a huge culture shock for a few of us! Looking forward to meeting you too.

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