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Cycling Kerala and Tropical India dep 3rd Oct


anyone else signed up on this trip? This is my first Exodus trip and first cycling hol - Looking forward to it! 


So pleased to read your message! I'm signed up and it's my first Exodus and first cycling holiday too...

Have you been doing a lot of preparation? I've been trying, but not sure how much I need to do!



Sorry for the delay in a reply but I've been away. I was doing quite well on the preparation front (before I went away) but like you am also unsure how much I need to do and how much is enough. I guess we'll only know once we've started. I will be taking my own saddle and some good padded cycling shorts!  I'm getting my Indian visa beginning of September and am still thinking about  the rabies jab....

Are you taking the flight from London or joining the trip in Mysore? I'm taking the flight from London with my friend Sam who is also doing this trip.

Bye for now




Hi Robyn and SWW.

Sam here, also looking forward to trip (but a little bit anxious as also not sure what to expect fitness wise).  At the beginning of this year my sofa and I were having a very intimate relationship but I realised in about June that I'd need to change my choice of seat if I was going to make it anywhere on a bike in India.  So I now regularly commute the five miles to work (on a bike) and try for longer one day at the weekend ... but will it be enough and with the heat too? I hope so ... !

Anyone else out there signed up for this trip (just trying to gauge how much room there'll be for me in the support vehicle!)


So it's my turn to apologise for the late reply, I really don't know where August went!

I am joining in London, do you think we could meet before theh flight? Somewhere in the Departure Lounge? I am by myself and have a horrible feeling I'm going to mess up the transfer... If you would like, there is always a WHSmiths, so perhaps we could meet there.

 Sam, sadly I think we will be competing for space in the support vehicle. Your story is a pretty good match for mine. I can't cycle to work (it's over 20 miles), so have been trying to fit in what I can since early July, but I'm really not convinced it's going to have been enough. The heat is worrying me, not to mention the illness, which I'm told is pretty unavoidable... so taxi for two it is then!

 ... and I went with the rabies jab. I was traumatised by Old Yeller as a child...




Better make that a taxi for 3 - Robyn's preferred mode of transport these days is a boat.

Are you transferring from somewhere else in the UK ? 

Happy to meet in the Departure Lounge but we think it is probably best if we meet in a bar and not WHSmiths.  Robyn's just pointed out to me it is probably more comfortable sitting waiting (with a cold drink) than loitering about the magazine racks (making a general nuisance of ourselves).  What do you think? Have been reliably informed that Terminal 3's Chez Gerard has a bar ..



Well, 3 in the taxi it is, but the first one to start a sing-along is back on their bike!


I'm coming from Bath, but will probably head to London the night before. How about you two?


Chez Gerard does indeed sound better... I'll be the one wearing a pink carnation and expression of fearful anticipation.





Glad to see us 3 will all be in the same boat fear factor and fitness wise!

This will be my 4th visit to India but 1st to the south.  During my  previous visits  have only been  ill once and that was in Delhi on my last night of a month long trip - ate the spicy cashew nuts served with a glass of wine in a posh hotel!  Very  VERY silly mistake! 

I have found antibacterial hand foam and wet wipes very useful when travelling in India in the past!  I also get a prescription for the anti biotic Ciprofloxin which is good to have just in case you do fall ill.   If I can think of any other top tips from previous trips I will let you know.

See you in Chez Gerard!


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