Cycling in Sri Lanka

Hitherto a hardy trekker, I took my first cycle touring trip last year in SE Asia: Now I'm hooked!

Looking forward to this massively diverse itinery far away from gloomy Blighty!

So, is any one else going?


Us two are going, we have done a few Exodus cycles before - and this one has the same leader as the one we did 2 years ago in Kerala

We also did SE Asia about November last year - Indochina

Good to hear from someone else - keep in touch


We are going on the trip in December and would be really glad of some tips when you get back! I note it has now gone from a B to a B/C grade and some cycling distances have increased.  As you say, looking forward to it, but we normally only do such distances on a racer!   



Yes I am also on this trip! I actually live in the South of Italy so am not doing this to get away from gloom.... Will already be in S L as part of round the world trip that had been planned for years!! Am also looking forward to this particular one. K 





Having made a hash of previous reply this is to say I am leaving on the November 14th trip.......


Hi guys, myself and my partner are going on this trip at the end of November. Very excited! Bit confused about what injections to have. Have had the standard diptheria,polio,typhoid, but not sure whether to get the rabies and Japanese Enchephalitis. Probably spelt that wrong! They have to be done privately and are pretty expensive, and no-one seems to be able to say if we need them. Has anyone else had them or decided not to. Have a fab time those of you going on 14th and look forward to meeting anyone going at end November. Alison

Hello everybody

I just booked the last place on the trip starting 18 December. This is my first event with Exodus and very much looking forward to escape the grey and dull weather here.

Could someone tell me what prevention do you take against dengue fever?



Hi Peter, we look forward to meeting you in December!  We went to our travel clinic this week and were advised that the only way to prevent Dengue Fever (caused by daytime biting mosquitos)  is don't get bitten as there appears to be nothing you can take to prevent it - suggest you may want to seek advice at a travel clinic/docs as we are obviously not experts on the subject, but we will be taking high concentration mosi repellants and we have bought some impregnated wrist and ankle bands as well. you can also get mosi guard clothign, but not sure ifit works ro how much things cost!  Best wishes Nikki & Mark 


Hi, we depart in a couple of weeks and would love to hear any tips/feedback from anyone who went on the 14/11 trip.  Was there much rain – if so what impact did it have on your trip/cycling?  We are very excited about the trip now, but desperately trying not to pack loads of unnecessary clutter as usual!  Any tips would be appreciated!  Nikki & Mark

Hi Nikki and Mark

Thank you for your advice. I got all the repellents that are available (with DTT) and also some vaccinations from my GP. I am a bit paranoid about dengue fever as a friend of my got this in Cuba and it is not nice.




We look forward to meeting you at the weekend!  All packed, just got to get work out of the way and pray that snow does not hinder travel plans! Best wishes, Nikki & Mark

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