Cycling through Rajasthan

Hi there,

Booked this today. V excited and wondered if anyone else is reading this? Apparently there are 5 of us so far so the trip's confirmed.

Hope to hear from my fellow travellers.


Hello, I have booked this trip - only booked last Friday. Very much looking forward to it. J


Hi, I'm on this trip too. I'm on a different flight out, arriving at 11.15, so if I miss you all at the airport we'll meet up at the hotel. I hope. Paul

Excellent! Fingers crossed all the flights are going as planned; hope all the fog clears!

Oh hurrah! I had stopped checking to see if anyone else was online! I am glad it's not just me.

I'm also not travelling on the Group flight - I will arrive an hour before the group and was planning to hang around and take the transfer to the hotel but now I've found we're not far from the airport I think I shall make my own way there and meet you all when you arrive.

I've been very busy with work but now it's got cold and foggy am very excited about some sunshine and adventure on my bike.

See you all soon



Thanks for that, Caroline. I'm sure we'll be allowed out, the governement is desperate to improve the net migration figures.

Do either  of you have first-hand knowledge of the likely weather conditions we'll be encountering? I gather it will be dry and the days warm but I cannot work out wheter the evenings are going to be comfortable or seriously cool.


I haven't been in this region before but friends told me it was warm in the day (20+) and chilly some nights (as low as 5). That's less than I'd thought so I shall add an extra jumper to my pile of stuff.
Just off out for a ride in the cold and damp and wind. It will be nice next week to forget about overshoes and gloves!

See you all soon



Thanks, I'll do the same, I don't fancy two weeks of shivering!

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