Cycling Vietnam

Hi all,

I've just taken the last spot on the cycling Vietnam trip leaving on the 8th Sept from London. Anyone else going and any tips on packing, etc? I can't wait - it looks like an amazing trip and has certainly motivated me in to getting fitter for the trip.


Hi Jules. Im also on the cycling vietnam trip leaving on the 8th of sept . im afraid i can't help with tips on packing or anything in relation to the trip other than whats in the exodus trip notes as its all new to me .

I just thought i'd reply to your message as we're going to be sharing the vietnam experiance for a couple of weeks. look forward to meeting you and the rest of the travellers in a few weeks.



Hi Pete,

Thanks for your reply - it's good to hear from you.

Not long to go now... Are you travelling from Heathrow?


Hi Jules.

Yes. I am joining the trip from Heathrow . Are you ?

Have you travelled with Exodus before ?


Hi Pete, 

I'm coming from Manchester but will get the train down to London and take the flight from Heathrow.

I've never travelled with Exodus before and I've never really travelled solo before except for work so it will be a totally new experience.

Are you a regular cyclist? I've recently got back in to cycling so have been trying to put the miles in so I get to enjoy the trip more.


Hi jules ,

Im also travelling down form telford in the midlands got a friend to drive me down .

I did the high Inca trek with exodus last year with a friend it was fantastic could,nt fault exodus one bit .  but never travelled solo before but really looking forward to the trip. I am a regular cyclist try to cycle 30-40 miles every saturday but not as fit as i,d like to be.

little concerned about a knee injury but think it,ll be ok . A friend did a similar trip in march he said it was to easy for him so its not that full on.

Hoping to meet up with a few of the group at heathrow if i can spot them .it,ll make the journy a little more interesting . 


Hi Pete,

I think it should be fairly easy going - just two climbs as far as I can see of which one is said to be tough so I'll have to get some practice in on the inclines. I did 80km on Saturday off-road so I'm hoping I'll be fine (I am still aching today though)...

Hopefully your knee wont play up but at least there are some rest days...

Yes, hopefully it will be easy to spot people at the airport though that said I just realised that we'll be flying with the A380 (which is super exciting) so might be more tricky amongst 500 passengers


Hi jules .

I did'nt know we're flying in the A380 that'll be a fist for me too.quite looking forward to that .

as for spotting fellow cyclists they've usually got they're cycle helmit strapped to the out side of they're luggage so i'm informed .
still no worries we'll all meet on exiting the airport in saigon.

You doing 80k in training. now i'm worrying about my fitness ha ha
the knee do'snt worry me to much i'm loaded up with antiinflamatries and painkillers


Hey Pete,

Are you taking malarials?... nurse advised me that I didnt need them but there seems to be a question mark around Dhalat....


Hi jules .

Yes i've been advised by my doctor to take them as a precaution . I read the FAQ on exodus site and it seemed to say we'd be ok in the north of vietnam but in the rural south it would be prudent to take some anti malarial prevention .

Are you travelling down the day before we fly or on the day ? cos i'd say thats quite a journey.



Hmm - I will need to get some then...

I'm travelling down on the Friday and staying near the airport - need to be at the airport relatively early.

Can't wait... 

Hi again jules

Yes they're saying get to the airport 3 hours ahead of depature so hope to be there for nine trafic willing. 

 Getting pretty excited about the trip myself now its coming close . got everthing i need now, i hope. if theres anything i've missed i'll have to get it over there.

Its been a long time coming i just want to get started. And leave this miserable british weather behind for a couple of weeks .

pete .



Hi Pete,

 I still have a lot to sort out - work is manic at the moment which means I am working weekends and evenings so I will be glad of the break.  My fitness levels must have dropped too as I havent been able to get to the gym or on the bike - still we have a week left :-)

 The nice weather will be very welcome though I know we can expect some rain over there too..


Hi jules

Have'nt been able to get out on the bike much the last two weeks myself with the weather and other commitments. but hoping for a good 40 mile ride today as it such a nice day.

but not to worried about my core fitness should be ok i think .famous last words ha ha .

well only a few more days to go . so if i don't hear from you on here or bump in to you at some point on the journey.  I look foreward to meeting you and the rest of our group in saigon.


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