Cycling Vietnam 13 Nov departure


Can't wait for this trip!  This is my second cycling trip with Exodus.  I did the Kerala trip last October which was a blast.  Currently doing laps of Richmond Park in preparation.  Would rather get some outdoor training in whilst the weather is good! Look forward to hearing from others booked on this trip.  



just reposting this one incase any of my fellow travellers are out there!

Look forward to hearing from you!


Hiya Robyn/all

Ive done a few trips with Exodus (Kili, Toubkal, Inca Trail) but this is my first cycling trip. Im a keen climber & downhill mountain biker, but im trying to get as much road biking training done as possible so im used to being in the saddle all day. Are you taking ur own bike bits (saddle, pedals etc)? Is anybody taking their own bike bits?



Hi Mike

I will be taking my own gel saddle cover which was very useful and much loved on the Kerala trip! Apart from that no other bike bits.  I did find a camel back very useful though and I would recommend one of those as an additional piece of kit.   Are you heading to Vietnam any earlier or are you catching the group flight?  I'm catching the group flight along with 2 other people I know who are going on this trip, Maggie, who I met on the Kerala trip and Luke who I know from work. 


Hiya Robyn

Im doing the group flight as well. I booked my hotel and parking at Heathrow today. Maybe ill see you guys at the airport. A camelbak i have, but i dont have a gel seat cover......ill work on that. Have you had any advice about Malaria pills yet? Im gonna go see my GP this week and see what he says. Ive now gone and ripped my hamstring climbing :( so training has slowed down a little you might say. I should be back on it next week or so. Its only 8 or 9 weeks or so now - cant wait.



Hi Guys,
This is my first exodus trip, and I'm really looking forward to it.
I've done quite a few bike trips in europe and the states but this is also my first trip to the far east and I'm hoping its going to be as good as everybody keeps telling me.
I'm travelling on the group flight with my mate Trevor, and we're planning to take pedals, saddles and bar ends for the bikes.
I won't tell you how many miles Ive ridden this year as it will probably frighten David to death, but the riding looks fairly doable for anybody reasonably fit, its sitting on the saddle all day that takes its toll, If you're not used to it take sudocream or assos cream and buy a decent pair of shorts,
Mike - don't worry about the hamstring . I ripped mine 5 days before a 500 mile bike trip in California in feb and it held up ok, cycling is actually the best cure as you compress the muscle, its walking and running that tend to rip it further.
Looking forward to meeting you all in November.

Thanks for the heads up on the parking David. I actually booked in at the Sheraton provisionally with parking included only £80, but i may be staying at a friends in London on the Fri night & ditching my car there. Allan - same again for the advice about the hamstring. Im back on my bike from next week. Im gonna bring some flat pedals and a gel seat, oh and a few pairs of well padded cycling shorts. The Sudocream idea sounds like a plan as well. Maybe see you all in the bar at Heathrow :)


Hi all
Mike you asked about Malaria pills earlier - I'm not taking them or having rabies jab or japanese encephalitis jab either. Has anyone had advice to the contrary?
I have heard it could be chilly up north so will be taking something warmish with me.
Applying for visa by post tomorrow.
Looking forward to meeting you all in November. Robyn

Hiya Robyn/all. I spoke to my GP a week or so ago now (he does a fair bit of travelling) and he has recommended and prescribed a course of malaria pills for Vietnam. Better to be safe than sorry i guess. The nurse on site also said i should consider the rabies jab as well, but it was only a recommendation. As for the encephalitis jab - wasnt even mentioned! Visa sorted as well, just need to pack it all into a bag i guess. :-) Mike

Hi to all going on the MOV trip this year. I did it last year and it was the one of the best experiences I have had.... having travelled quite a lot.
Top 5 tips for you:
1. Wear padded shorts
2. Take some re-hydration salts/powder for your camelbaks.
3. Take a waterproof jacket - the Dalat pass is sub-tropical and we got soaked last year.
4. Take plenty of batteries/memory cards for your cameras... you'll need them
5. Take a travel pillow for the train ride... the beds are not that comfortable.
Enjoy - its a brilliantly well organised trip from Exodus.
Best Wishes.


Hi Nicola
thanks for your top tips. Very useful. Have the first 2 sorted already as I did the Kerala trip last year and was very glad of both! Did you and your fellow travellers take Malaria pills - what was mozzy situation like? The advice from my GP was the coastal regions are low risk so she did not recommend but just wandering what the majority of your group did on that front. Thanks again Robyn


Hi Guys, i have been advised to take Malaria pills as Vietnam is classed as a hight risk area..... What sort of rehydration salts do you guys suggest....?


HI there, on my last trip to Kerala I took Dioralyte sachets and also Boots own brand rehydration salts. Both did the job! Robyn


Hi All, just wondering when your guys are planning on getting to T4, We can check in from 7am I am told? I will be getting to the airport early as my girlfriend works for Iberia Airlines and starts work at 6...! hope to meet up with other group members in the coffee shop before the getting very excited...:D

David ill be at the check in at 7, gonna try and get there early to bag me a exit seat.  If ya fancy breakfast and a brew look out for a big blue Umbro bag with an Exodus tag at the check in desk, ill be attached to it :) Either that or text/call on 07771745576. Anyone else wanna meet up before we fly, text me to find us/me. See ya all Sat morning. :)


Hi, I plan to be at T4 at about 8ish.  Will track you down once I'm through security. Thanks for the number.  Do you carry your cycle helmets or pack them in your checked in bag? I'm no where near organised for this trip but mentally very ready! Look forward to meeting you soon. R

DavidG was going to carry my cycle helmet in my carry on, cycle shoes,peddles and water bottle are going into the checked baggage......I am going to carry a change of clothes,ie shorts flip-flops in my carry on to change into on mobile number is 07796807397.


Hi everyone hope you all have fun, we have been back three weeks now and had a fantastic time, although we did get a lot of rain so definately take a waterproof and leave spare clothes on the bus.  We didn't get to do the train journey because of the flooding so went by air  to Hanoi instead which was a bit disappointing.  I agree with Nicola to take plenty memory cards for camera as there is lots to photograph although the day we went through the Dalat Pass we didn't see anything as it rained so heavy.  Our bike team was wonderful and looked after us very well, food is excellent as well.

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