Anyone else booked on this trip?


Hi mate. Yes to malaria tabs, better safe than sorry plus im hanging on in hanoi and going a little north. Im using Malarone. Only taking cleats because its better for energy consumption on longer rides and power on the up stroke too. No race for me I'm not a big cyclist and too much to see and do :-) I think there is a big downhill there so a little speed may just happen! The tunnels sound pretty awesome I agree


Yes mate, Malarone, should be ok in the cities and possibly along the coast but seeing as I'm staying on in Hanoi, going north and also visiting Cambodia I thought I rather not risk it. Cleats only for reducing energy consumption as you have power through the whole revolution so good all round even when bimbling along.... No race on my part buddy far to old for that and too many things to see and do I think. Managed to turn myself in a dong millionaire today - damn that's a lot of notes!


Looking forward to this trip immensely. I went on an Exodus cycling tour of the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia last year and loved it. My main challenge is the sore butt after long hours in the saddle. Taking my own saddle and SPD pedals. Will meet you all soon!

Hi Donalie, don't forget the chamois cream! You on facebook? We have a group conversation going


hi, I'm pleased we have another girl on the trip !! not long now !!! really getting excited, started packing was going to take cleats but have decided against it, just looking back on photos of past trips no one seems to have cleats, so just going to bike in trainers!! ill take my hat but that's it, travel light that's my moto !!!!!!!!! xx


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